Injection molding products appear crazing how to do, mold design to solve your worries!

The crazing defect of plastic mold injection molding plant in the process of injection molding products can not be solved after debugging by various methods. At this time, it is necessary to consider whether the solution to such problems is not considered at the beginning of mold design. Next, the machco mold designer will analyze why the mold design can solve the product crazing problem.


Through the inspection of the following four aspects, the problems of this kind of plastic mold injection molding products are solved in the mold design:

1. Check whether the vent size is appropriate. The recommended vent size is 0.025mm for crystalline plastics and 0.038mm for amorphous plastics.

2. The design of mold runner can reduce the friction resistance, because if the friction resistance of runner, gate and cavity in the mold is large, the product will be partially overheated and decomposed.

3. Gate and cavity distribution shall be designed to be balanced. Too narrow vertical pouring, runner, gate and even plastic part design may cause excessive shear heat and make the plastic overheat and crack.

4. Avoid leakage of cooling water into the cavity. Unreasonable cooling system will cause heating imbalance and local overheating or block the air channel.

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