Insert Molding VS Coating Molding

Injection molding of inserts is similar to other molding methods, but there are some differences in each process. Injection molding involves injecting one or more molten plastics into a mold to form a single finished product.


Coating molding

What is the coating molding? Simply put, the coating process can be plastic, flexible or flexible.

There are physical and chemical methods to realize the coating moulding (including overmolding). The former, for example, relies on snap design, surface tapping threads, and then coated with the second material to achieve the coating forming. The physical joints have strong adhesion, while the parts outside the physical joints have little adhesion.

Chemical method is based on the molecular affinity between two materials and the bonding force of chemical bonds. The two materials are bonded together to form a single component, two or even many kinds.


Insert molding

Inserts for plastic inserts are usually made of brass, steel or stainless steel and have threaded surfaces to provide better adhesion to plastics. Injection molding inserts are placed in the molds manually or vertically by a machine.

This position allows gravity to keep the plug-in in place when the mold is closed. As the molten plastic is slowly poured into the mold, it helps to fix the insert in a fixed position.



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