JasonMould Industrial Company Limited is a professional china plastic injection molding company for 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping Service, precision CNC milling service and custom CNC machining services, custom plastic injection molding or moulding company with mould and dies development and manufacturing.

Why Prototype?

Prototyping is an important phase in any product development cycle. In an ideal situation the prototype mold should replicate the same tooling strategy as the production mold.

How to Prototype:

Prototype molds may be simple or complex, steel or aluminum, however the common denominator for any prototyping effort should be speed and quality. When trying to determine the correct path for you it pays to consult an expert prototype mold builder for advice on materials and construction methods to reduce costs, time and improve overall quality.

JasonMould excels in the construction of prototype and pre-production mold tooling. This tooling may be constructed from aluminum. We work with our customers to identify their needs and provide the right tooling for the volume and quality required. All prototype/pre-production tooling employs the same 3D design concept as our production molds. Our advanced integration of design and NC software allows the design and to flow into the NC and manufacturing phase without the use of detailed blueprints thus saving time and money on your prototype project. On your next prototype project call the experts on mold tooling with JasonMould.


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