Many factors affect the quality of finished products in the mold forming stage

In the process of injection molding, whether the finished product quality and accuracy of the mold meet the requirements is the top priority. The formed mold should meet the requirements of size, accuracy and shape, but the injection molding process will be inconsistent due to the difference between heat and shrinkage, so this process should be handled carefully.

Improper injection mold or design will directly affect the shrinkage of plastics, because the size of plastic products plus the estimated size of the shrinkage obtained, and the shrinkage of injection mold cavity is within the range recommended by the numerical processing of plastic injection molding or plastics, which not only forms the injection mold, but also involves the distribution, shape and crystallization, the orientation and (anisotropic) of engineering plastics, plastic products, Size and distance to the gate location of the gate at the relevant location of the gate. The role of plastic shrinkage is mainly heat-resistant shrinkage, shrinkage phase, shrinkage rate in direction, compression coefficient of elastic recovery, and these factors are related to the molding conditions or the operating conditions of precision injection molded parts of related articles.

Because injection molding is a process of changing raw materials from powder or another form, which will go through multiple steps and need high-temperature melting and fusion. When these steps promote each other, the resulting form of materials will be changed. Any step that needs to go through this step can affect the physical properties, size, quality, appearance, etc.



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