Material selection in injection molding of medical industry

The choice of injection molding materials is very popular. Even if the requirements for all medical grade materials narrow the selection range, the number of materials meeting these key specifications is still large. But what conditions should the selected material meet in order to meet the requirements of medical grade materials?

Durability – many of the plastics used in injection molding have excellent strength and durability to resist harsh environments, vibrations and blunt forces without cracking.

Heat resistance – many injection molding plastics also have heat resistance and can be sterilized repeatedly by autoclaves and other means.

Pollution resistance – plastic materials used in injection molding of medical devices are designed to resist pollutants and are easy to disinfect.

We will introduce some materials that meet the specific requirements of medical components and equipment:

Silicone – for parts where flexibility is a key requirement, silicone is usually the primary material. It has excellent durability and biocompatibility, and has high cost-effectiveness in mass production.

Polycarbonate – it is one of the solid materials of Zui at present, with high impact resistance and vibration resistance. Polycarbonate is an ideal choice for very important components because it can be made into almost completely transparent plastic parts. It also has high heat resistance and UV resistance.

Polyethylene – a durable and relatively smooth product that is ideal for prosthetics and wearable devices. It has high strength and cost-effectiveness, but it can not be sterilized by autoclave.

Polypropylene – this material has high heat resistance and is an ideal choice for components that must be sterilized repeatedly by autoclave. It also has excellent radiation resistance.



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