Methods to improve the quality and production efficiency of mold manufacturing

Mold processing and manufacturing is a hot industry, and the competition is fierce, especially in the quality of molds, which directly determines whether an enterprise can operate for a long time. Therefore, mold processing manufacturers should learn to find their own production and processing methods, and also improve quality and efficiency.

In order to enable plastic mold enterprises to produce qualified plastic molds with high accuracy, low cost and high efficiency, the design of mold production should be reasonable first, and the best structural scheme must be selected. The part designer shall consider the technical requirements of the part, and its structure must conform to the technicality and feasibility of mold manufacturing.

Of course, the design of plastic mold is also very important. This involves a lot of content. On the one hand, the selection of plastic mold materials must not only meet the customer’s requirements for product quality, but also consider the cost and strength of materials within the set cycle. Of course, the type of mold, the method of use, the processing speed, the main failure forms and other factors.

On the one hand, because each structure of the mold parts is relatively compact and easy to operate, the hardness and strength of the parts are better. On the other hand, when repairing a part in the design, the scope of disassembly and assembly must be reduced, especially when replacing vulnerable parts, the scope of disassembly and assembly should be reduced as much as possible.

The manufacturing process determines the links of the mold, and different methods will also have an impact on the accuracy, and will affect the life of the mold. The accuracy of each part directly affects the overall assembly of the mold. Therefore, in addition to the impact of the accuracy of the equipment itself, it is also necessary to improve the processing accuracy of the mold parts by improving the processing methods of the parts and improving the technical level of workers in the mold grinding process.



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