Model manufacturing is inseparable from high-precision molds, and developers cannot ignore the communication

When developing products or trial producing new products, we should not only focus on R & D, but ignore the communication with the model manufacturing unit. After the product design scheme is preliminarily determined, contacting the manufacturer in advance has two advantages:

1、 It can ensure that the designed products have good forming process and will not be difficult to process and modify the finalized design due to parts.

2、 The mold making personnel can make design preparations in advance to prevent hasty consideration from affecting the construction period.

In short, in the process of producing high-quality models, only the close cooperation between the supplier and the demander can finally reduce the cost and shorten the cycle. Model manufacturing is inseparable from abrasives.

There are many kinds of molds, which can be roughly divided into ten categories. According to the different requirements of part materials, physical and chemical properties, mechanical strength, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, service life and economy, different types of molds are selected for molding. High precision molds require high-precision CNC machine tools, and mold materials and molding process have strict requirements. It is also necessary to use CAD and CAE technology to design and analyze the molds. Some parts have special requirements during molding, and the mold also needs to adopt advanced processes such as hot runner, gas assisted molding, nitrogen cylinder and so on. The manufacturer shall have CNC, EDM, wire cutting and CNC profiling milling machine equipment, high-precision grinder, high-precision CMM, computer design and related software. Generally, large stamping dies (such as auto panel dies) should consider whether the machine tool has blank holder mechanism, even lubricant, multi station progressive, etc. In addition to the stamping tonnage, the feeding times, feeding device, machine tool and die protection device should also be considered.

The manufacturing methods and processes of the above molds are not possessed and mastered by every enterprise. When choosing a cooperative manufacturer, we must understand its processing capacity, not only the hardware equipment, but also the management level, processing experience and technical strength.

For the same set of molds, different manufacturers sometimes have a big price gap. You should not pay more than the value of the mold, and should not be less than the cost of the mold. Mold manufacturers, like you, want to make reasonable profits in their business. Ordering a set of molds at a much lower price will be a troublesome start. Users should start from their own requirements and comprehensively measure.

Avoid multi-party cooperation and try to achieve one-stop mold production and product processing

With qualified molds (qualified samples), it is not always possible to produce qualified products in batch. This is mainly related to the selection of machine tools, forming process (forming temperature, forming time, etc.) and the technical quality of operators. There should be a good mold, a good molding process, and try to avoid multi head cooperation, so as to have a good model manufacturing.



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