Mold processing equipment must be carefully checked before use

1、 Before the mold processing equipment starts to work, we should check whether there are problems in each part, whether the clutch and braking equipment are normal, and whether there is lubricating oil in the gear part. After the inspection, turn on and run the machine tool for about 3 minutes. If there is no abnormality, it can be put into use.

2、 When all workers enter the work area, they should check their clothes to see if they meet the requirements. Don’t wear slippers, high heels and clothes that affect your work. Keep correct posture and have enough psychological reaction at work. If you feel uncomfortable, you should leave your job immediately and report to your superior. In our actions, we must concentrate, avoid empty talk and cooperate with each other. Operators shall not be in a state of anxiety and fatigue to avoid accidents and ensure operation safety.

3、 When the equipment starts working, other personnel shall leave the working area and ensure that other sundries will not interfere with the normal operation of the equipment.

4、 During work, the idle power supply shall be turned off, and the finished products and finished products shall be sorted out to ensure a clean and safe working environment.

5、 During mechanical equipment transportation or material transportation, all personnel shall not touch the switch without permission; When the equipment starts working, it is forbidden to touch the working area directly by hand to avoid accidents; When the machine makes abnormal noise, stop work immediately for inspection.

6、 When replacing the mold, turn off the power supply, stop the operation, and then start the installation and commissioning of the mold. After installation and adjustment, move the flywheel twice to check whether the upper and lower molds are symmetrical and reasonable, whether the threads are firm, and whether the position of the blank holder ring is reasonable.



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