Mold processing needs to be carried out according to the specified process to ensure its accuracy and quality

Mold processing needs to be carried out according to the specified process to ensure its accuracy and quality. Mold processing is a complex process, so we must be careful in processing. What is the processing flow of the mold? Let’s talk about it in detail.

1. Mold blank preparation

Most of the raw materials are metals. From the perspective of forging, the raw materials used are usually bars, plates and pipes. Operators should choose according to the shape and set size of the blank.

2. Rough machining

Take milling as an example for rough machining of parts. As long as the contour of parts and islands is machined, the machining path can be generated. It can automatically add arc at the sharp corner of the tool path to ensure the smoothness of the tool path and meet the requirements of high-speed machining. It is mainly used for milling planes and grooves. You can select multi contour and multi Island processing.

3. Semi finishing

Finish the machining of the secondary surface and prepare for the machining of the primary surface.

4. Heat treatment

Put the material in the medium for heating, heat preservation and cooling. By changing the organizational structure of the material, these processes are interconnected and uninterrupted.

5. Finish machining

The working allowance of finish machining is less than that of rough machining. Select good tools, control the walking speed and speed, and pay attention to the material size and appearance gloss.

6. Cavity surface treatment

Different surface treatment methods in mold design can greatly improve and improve the surface performance of the mold by changing the chemical composition, structure and performance of the mold surface. Such as hardness, wear resistance, friction performance, demoulding performance, heat insulation performance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

7. Die assembly

There are two forms of assembly, fixed assembly and mobile assembly. Different ways of assembly are selected for different batch production. During the assembly process, some die parts need to be polished and corrected.



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