Needless to ask, you can’t see the development trend of injection mold

At present, our industrial application has involved various fields. As long as each industry makes parts, it is inseparable from the mold, because the mold can help them make the desired effect more accurately.

With the rapid development of injection mold industry, a new model based on information. The production efficiency of the injection mold industry has been greatly improved, which has a milestone impact on the manufacturing industry. Due to the organic combination of information related to injection mold manufacturing activities and manufacturing information, the traditional manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. This advantage has been greatly reflected in the information age. Modern manufacturing technology can be regarded as a value-added process of information contained in raw materials. The drive of industrial information flow will become the mainstream of manufacturing industry.

Through the analysis of the development prospect of injection mold industry, the future development direction of injection mold industry is pointed out.

1、 Product development and mold integration

In short, injection mold design and product development are integrated into a new position. A series of new work can be responsible for the whole product from appearance to machinery, to mold, to injection mold processing, injection mold production and product assembly. Post. Become the core of manufacturing.

2、 Specialty and subdivision of supply chain demand

Injection mold usually only needs one or several sets to meet the production requirements. They belong to a single product production, but there are many accessories to form a mold. From the largest mold to the smallest thimble, this is crucial. Each accessory affects the quality of the final product, so the quality of each accessory must meet very high accuracy and quality requirements.

Therefore, the requirements for subdivision and specialization of accessories have been improved. Only by focusing on specialty can we produce higher quality products. In the past, many industrial forms will be eliminated, and the supply chain will only focus on one after the reshuffle. The company’s products can have better development.

To sum up, after several years of development, China’s plastic molds have made great progress in quantity, quality, technology and capacity, but compared with foreign advanced technology, the technical level of most Chinese enterprises still needs to be improved. I believe that in the near future, China’s injection mold industry technology will be quietly sent to other regions, and the injection mold industry will further develop. The above is the analysis of the development prospect of injection mold industry.



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