Mold manufacturing process

Mold manufacturing refers to the processing of forming and parison tools, as well as shear and die-cutting molds. Generally speaking, the die is composed of upper die and lower die. The steel plate is placed between the upper die and the lower die to form the material under the action of the press. When the press is opened, take out the workpiece or corresponding waste determined by the shape of the die. Process planning steps for precision die processing?
Mold […]

What problems need to be solved in the design and manufacturing of injection mold?

What problems need to be solved in the design and manufacturing of injection mold? let me show you.
1. Reasonable structure selection: select appropriate molding methods and equipment according to the drawings and technical requirements, and give the structural scheme of injection mold in combination with the plant capacity. In the process, it can be comprehensively discussed and studied in combination with the opinions of relevant parties.
2. Dimensional standard of injection mold molding parts: the molded parts are extremely important, […]

What causes the wrong color after injection molding

Various problems may occur after injection molding, but these are unavoidable. Once these problems occur, they will affect the use effect of the finished products and can not meet the needs of the company. Then we should find out these problems before the production is completed and check which step has the problem, Let’s talk about the color after injection molding.
(1) Matching of injection molding machine
First, when selecting the injection molding machine, select the equipment consistent with the product. […]

How to control injection molding time

In the process of injection molding, the time control system is very important, which will affect the quality of the whole finished product. If you want to do well in injection molding processing, in addition to skilled operation, you should also have the ability to control the processing time. Because if there is no time to control some research steps, we may find that there are many problems in the product information produced. So in what aspects should we […]

What factors will affect the accuracy of injection mold processing

How can we effectively improve the precision management of our injection mold during processing. First of all, we must know what problems affect the production and processing accuracy of injection mold.
1. Dimensional accuracy
It refers to the actual working dimension of machined parts and the tolerance size and range of parts.
Accuracy is controlled by dimensional tolerance. Dimensional tolerance is the allowable deviation of part size in the cutting process. When the basic dimensions are the same, the smaller the dimensional […]

Specific requirements for injection mold maintenance

1. When replacing mold parts, recognize that the parts to be replaced are qualified;
2. Each component shall be gently knocked and slowly pressed during disassembly and installation;
3. During the installation of die inserts, the cooperative gap shall be recognized as qualified;
4. Prevent the surface of parts from warping, scratching, pits, dross, deformity, rust and other conditions;
5. If any parts are replaced, communicate and acknowledge with the mold design department in time. Pay attention to the balance of each part […]

How many suggestions did we mention for mold protection?

If there is no effective mold protection, the mold will be damaged. We gives you the following suggestions:
When disassembling the mold, avoid bumping and drenching, and move stably.
Spray hot mold, and then spray a small amount of release agent.
Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the mold and carry out anti rust treatment: carefully wipe out the moisture and sundries in the cavity, core, ejector and row position, and spray anti rust agent and grease on the plastic mold.
The maintenance of […]

How does the development of mold technology affect the mold?

The development of mold technology should serve the requirements of “short delivery time”, “high precision”, “good quality” and “low price” of mold products.
Die CAD / CAM / CAE technology is the development direction of die design and manufacturing.
With the development and progress of microcomputer software, the conditions for popularizing CAD / CAM / CAE technology have been basically mature. Enterprises will strengthen CAD / CAM technology training and technical services; Further expand the application scope of CAE technology.
The degree […]

Ingenious design of lifter in injection mold processing plant — solving the problem of poor assembly

The designers of the injection mold processing plant found that if there is no preset gap in the mold design, it will lead to many problems such as poor assembly and needle breakage and needle burning when ejecting the mold. So how do the mold design engineers of Dj molding solve this problem?
1. Design skills for connecting lifter: since there is no allowance for the large inclined plane of this kind of lifter, and there is no allowance for […]

How to improve the service life of molds? Dj molding, who has more than 10 years of experience in mold industry tells you!

No matter what object has a certain service life, the glue coated mold is no exception. When it is used to a certain extent, the mold will fail and need to be opened to produce a new mold. The service life of mold is affected by many factors. Only the  mold factory with a complete understanding of these factors can suit the remedy to the case and produce a mold with a longer service life.
With the rapid development of […]