Only when the finished injection mold meets these conditions can it be regarded as qualified

For enterprises specializing in mold processing, there are certain differences in the standard of whether the mold is qualified when making different types of molds, especially for the more exquisite types of molds such as injection molds, the requirements for their production details will be higher in the whole production process. Now let’s take a look at what is qualified after the injection mold is processed and manufactured.

In the process of designing and manufacturing injection molds, we should pay attention to the following aspects, so that the resulting molds can more meet the production standards

1. The structure selection should be reasonable. When the mold processing manufacturer produces the injection mold, it needs to comprehensively adjust the whole mold manufacturing scheme for the whole mold molding method, processing equipment and the manufacturer’s mechanical production capacity according to the initially drawn drawings, technical requirements and other contents, so as to make the final finished product structure more reasonable. Of course, during the whole debugging process, the whole drawing and design can also be slightly modified according to the specific design and processing requirements of the injection mold, so as to make the final product more in line with the production requirements.

2. In the process of mold processing, the size of the whole mold must be calculated accurately. In the production of injection mold, the appearance, size and surface quality of its molded articles will directly affect the accuracy of the whole mold. Therefore, attention should be paid to the accurate calculation of the size of the finished product, especially for plastic injection parts with high precision requirements, which can be calculated by the tolerance zone method; For large volume precision molds, analogy method can be used for calculation.

3. The moulds made should meet the requirements of convenience and practicality. In the production and processing of injection mold, we should pay attention to making the production and processing of the whole mold as simple as possible, which can better save the cost of the whole mold manufacturing. Especially for complex and large molds, we should carefully choose general or special machining methods. Only choosing the right mold making method can make the final product more accurate.

4. The parts produced must be wear-resistant and durable, with high application efficiency and safe and reliable application. After the processing of injection mold, the durability of the whole mold will directly affect its service life. If the durability is poor, the mold should be made again after a period of time, which will not only delay production, but also increase the cost of the enterprise in mold processing. For customers, it is not a qualified mold.



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