Pay attention to the speed and time when processing the mold

On mold steel with the same surface roughness, the machining speed generated by relative electric pulse when electrode loss occurs is an important factor to measure the performance of electric pulse machining and machine tools. In this case, the manufacturer will provide its own processing current to ensure that we can effectively achieve the processing speed when the mold is in the processing state. However, in the actual processing design process of life, the processing technology conditions and chip removal conditions will be different from the social ideal state, and the size and shape of the workpiece will also affect the continuous changes, so the mold processing speed is often lower than the processing speed analysis index of the machine tool.

1. Paint on the surface of plastic products to ensure the brightness of the products, because plastic products are difficult to reflect light and have a darker appearance. If the surface texture of plastic products looks darker. At this time, customers will spray a layer of paint on the surface of plastic products to pursue beautiful surfaces and ensure the brightness of products.

2. If paint is applied to the product structure surface of plastic enterprises, the scrap rate of major engineering plastics products can be reduced. The scrap rate of white plastic products has always been a headache for the injection molding industry. If we study the surface information for painting, we can cover up the shortcomings of our products to a certain extent.



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