Problems in injection mold should be checked here

If you don’t pay attention to the injection mold, there will always be a variety of problems, such as cracking, including surface filiform crack, microcrack, cracking, and deformation cracking due to part sticking, runner sticking or trauma crisis according to the cracking time and application. There are several main reasons:

1. Processing:

(1) When processing the die, excessive pressure, too fast processing speed and too much blanking will lead to excessive internal pressure and fracture.

(2) Adjusting the mold opening speed and pressure can prevent the enterprise from rapidly pulling the parts, which will affect the demoulding and cracking.

(3) Properly increase the mold temperature to make the parts easy to demould, properly reduce the material temperature and prevent decay.

(4) Prevent plastic degradation caused by fusion marks and reduction of mechanical strength.

(5) Release agent can be used according to the situation, and excessive impurities attached to the mold surface shall be removed.

(6) Annealing heat treatment immediately after forming can eliminate the residual stress in the workpiece and reduce the formation of cracks.

2. Materials:

(1) The recycled material is too high, resulting in too low strength of the die, resulting in quality problems.

(2) Excessive humidity causes chemical reaction between material and water vapor, resulting in low die strength.

(3) Poor material quality, poor processing quality, or contamination will lead to material cracking.



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