Product quality control requirements of injection molding department

“Product quality is everyone’s responsibility”. High quality products are produced, managed and controlled, not inspected. The goal is excellent quality, customer satisfaction, and one-time molding pass rate of more than 98%. To achieve the above goals, all employees must improve their quality awareness and sense of responsibility, and do a good job according to the following requirements:

1. When the beer is opened, it is necessary to adjust the machine according to the process parameters in the “forming process record”. The beer opening sample can be mass produced only after QC checks and confirms the OK board;
2. Before starting the machine, the operator must ask the management personnel or quality control personnel about the product starting requirements, quality requirements, processing requirements, packaging requirements and precautions. It is strictly forbidden to start the machine without being familiar with the product quality standards;

3. When new workers go to work or transfer to work to brew new products, the foreman / group leader and quality control personnel must clearly explain the product quality standards, start-up requirements, packaging requirements and precautions to the operators;

4. The operator must operate and control the product quality strictly according to the requirements of the “operation instruction” when starting the machine, and shall not put the unqualified products into the finished product box;

5. In the production process, the injection foreman / team leader must carefully check the product quality (such as appearance, structure, color, etc.) every 3 hours;

6. The operator should carry out self inspection on the appearance quality of each beer product according to the requirements, check its internal structure carefully according to the stand OK sample every 30 minutes, and pay attention to whether there are broken columns, blind holes, lack of glue and other adverse phenomena. If any problem is found, stop the machine immediately and inform the management personnel for improvement;

7. Keep the worktable clean and tidy, handle the product with care, and place the outer surface of the product upward (not upside down) on the worktable, and do not stack too many products on the worktable. When the product is taken out from the mold, it is necessary to operate carefully. Do not let the product touch the mold or collide with each other, so as to prevent the product from being bruised or scratched;

8. The products shall be packed and placed in strict accordance with the requirements of packaging materials, and attention shall be paid to the way of entering the box and the number of packages, so as to prevent scratches, bumps and deformation under pressure;

9. Be careful when cutting the nozzle and ripping the peak. The nozzle position should be cut flat. Do not cut or batch the product. The edge of the product should be slightly covered, and the rough edge should be rolled with copper rod or thimble rod. The force should not be too large, and it should be uniform to prevent the product from being bruised or scratched;

10. If defective products are found in the genuine products in the production process, they shall be placed separately (separated) and clearly marked. The foreman / group leader shall arrange the staff to rework them in time;

11. Both the management personnel and the operators should do a good job in the shift handover work. The shift handover personnel should clearly hand over the product quality requirements, operation mode, packaging requirements, problems and precautions on duty to the shift handover personnel. The shift handover personnel should take the initiative to ask the shift handover personnel about the relevant situation;

12. If the product quality problems are caused by dereliction of duty and need to be reworked, the management personnel on duty and relevant operators shall deal with them by themselves after work;

Pay attention to whether the fixture is deformed or not according to the use requirements? Pay attention to the position and stress of the product in the fixture;

14. Try to be familiar with the quality standards and processing requirements of rubber parts, draw inferences from one instance and learn by analogy; and actively participate in relevant quality training and operation training to continuously improve the quality of work.



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