Relationship between The Material of Injection Mold and The Mold Life

The durability of the injection mold is greatly related to the material used, so it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of the mold material. Generally speaking, the mold material should have the following properties:

(1) High wear resistance

In order to increase the rigidity and mechanical properties of the plastic parts, the glass fiber and inorganic filler are widely used in the plastic formulation. After adding these additives, they enter the mold cavity with the molten material at high speed. The friction of the inner cavity of the mold is very great. If the mold material is not wear-resistant, it is easy to make the cavity overwear. Therefore, Materials for making such moulds should have better wear resistance.


(2) High corrosion resistance

Many plastics additives, such as flame retardants, and even the chemical action of the melt itself will corrode the mold cavity. When the plastic materials are mixed with abrasive filler and reinforced material, it is more likely to aggravate the damage of the mold. In this case, it is best to use corrosion resistant steel, or to electroplating, chrome or nickel plating on the mold.


(3) Good thermal conductivity

In injection molding, good mold temperature control has a great impact on the quality of plastic parts, especially in the processing of semi-crystalline thermoplastic is more important. Copper alloys usually have much better thermal conductivity than alloy steel, but their modulus of elasticity, hardness and durability are lower. Inadequate thermal conductivity of steel can be compensated by cooling system.


(4) Good dimensional stability

In the molding operation, the temperature of the mold cavity is above 300 degrees centigrade and the temperature difference is so large that the microstructure of the cavity can be changed easily. Thus the size of the mold is changed and the size of the plastic part is unstable. Therefore, the tool steel, which is properly tempered, can be selected, that is, the heat treatment steel. In order to improve hardness and wear resistance, the mold must be heat-treated. However, this heat treatment should be made to minimize the size of the mold, can be used to cut the pre-hardened steel, this steel after machining without heat treatment.


(5) Good polishing performance

The inner wall of the mold cavity is very high and the roughness is very small to meet the requirements of good gloss on the surface of the plastic parts. In this case, the mold cavity is usually polished. The better the surface is, the better the polishing of the mold material.


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