Responsibilities of mold tester in injection molding department

1. Be directly responsible to the supervisor / foreman, report to him, obey his work arrangement and management;

2. Strictly abide by the management system of the injection molding department and the company, the staff code of the injection molding department and the staff safety code of the injection molding department;

3. Make good preparation for materials before mold test, and trial produce each set of mold according to the requirements of “mold test notice”;

4. According to the structure of each mold and the performance of the plastic used, the injection molding process parameters are set reasonably;

5. Strictly abide by the provisions of “safety code for mold loading and unloading personnel”, enhance safety awareness, and ensure the safety of mold testing;

6. Do a good job in the processing, marking, packaging and management of the test template, and hand it over to the engineering department;

7. For mold and rubber parts quality problems in the process of mold testing, it is necessary to timely inform relevant personnel of the mold department and Engineering Department to analyze and deal with them on site;

8. Carefully fill in the mold test report, clearly describe various problems in the process of mold test, and put forward suggestions for mold repair / modification;

9. Do a good job in the cleaning, rust prevention and maintenance of the mold, and send the “board, sheet and mold” to the mold room together during the maintenance;

10. Do a good job in the “5S” work of the die testing machine, clean up the tools, rubber parts and materials on the machine and the ground in time, unload the raw materials left in the hopper in time during the die testing, and send them back to the material room with clear marks after packaging and sealing;

11. Actively participate in training, strive to learn professional and technical knowledge, and constantly improve the ability and technical level of analyzing and dealing with problems.



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