When molten plastic material leaves the barrel through the nozzle, it is guided toward the mold cavity, its final destination. Its flow path is called runner system, such as the sprue, runners, gates. The runner is in a simple direct route or goes through a series if turns that the flow molten material twists, and restrictions as it approaches the mold cavity. The molten plastic material flows into this cavity, takes the configuration of this chamber in the shape and size, and is cooled from a molten material to a solid workpiece of plastic material. There are many things along this pathway that can affect the ultimately workpiece performance, The runner system will be reviewed as to what they do and how they affect the molding process.

There are many aspects to forming the molten material into its final solid workpiece that need to be considered to fabricated a final end use workpiece. The clamp of the molding machine, process of mold cooling, venting and shrinkage effects will be discussed. The clamp acts as the force to resist the pressures needed to inject the part through and form the workpiece. The mold cooling involves how ti use a cooling medium property to transfer this molten polymer into a solid polymer mass. The cooling strength of molding will affect the characteristics of workpiece such as crystallization, orientation of polymer or density. Venting unit affects the feature or workpiece of injection molded and the injection process. The mold shrinkage also change the final workpiece dimensions.


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