Selection of gate position in precision injection mold design

The gate design of precision injection mold can make the flow velocity of molten plastic transported by sub channel produce acceleration, form ideal flow pattern and sequence, and quickly fill the mold cavity. At the same time, it also plays the role of closing the mold cavity to prevent the molten material backflow, and it is convenient to separate the gate from the plastic part after molding. Since the gate plays such an important role in the design of precision injection mold, the selection of its location is particularly important.

What are the criteria for gate location selection in precision injection mold design?

(1) The gate is selected to be the nearest distance with obstruction.

(2) The size and location of gate should be selected to avoid spray and creep.

(3) The gate should be set at the thickest section of the plastic part.

(4) The gate location should make the plastic process shortest and the material flow direction least.

(5) The selection of gate location should be conducive to the discharge of gas in the cavity.

(6) The selection of gate location should reduce or avoid the weld mark of plastic parts, and increase the weld fastness.

(7) The gate position should be selected to prevent the cavity and insert from being extruded by the material flow.

The above is the principle of gate location selection in the design of precision injection mold, hoping to provide some help for you in the design of gate location.



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