Sensor injection accessories copper nuts +ABS processing

Injection molding process is not static, logical, because of the different products, different materials, different injection molding machine and material preparation and so on the different conditions, injection molding process will produce many uncertain factors, so as the injection molding processing workers, according to specific conditions to the corresponding process optimization adjustment is the highest embodiment of injection molding processing technology. Therefore, the processing optimization of injection parts of sensor copper nut +ABS can be carried out from the following aspects:

  1. Material pretreatment

According to the different water absorption of different materials, some materials need to be dried before processing, remove the water in the material, in order to reduce the proportion of defective products in the injection molding process;

  1. Maintain the processing status of injection molding equipment

Injection molding machine is a high precision equipment, among which the division of labor and cooperation of various systems requires a high degree of tacit understanding, maintain a good working state not only can be more efficient operation, but also can reduce the bad probability in the production process;

Maintenance of injection molding machine includes: dust treatment, lubrication treatment, replacement of worn parts, reset of fastening screws, calibration of pressure system, etc.

  1. Optimization of injection mold processing design

Mould in the development process needs to be developed by according to the basic properties of application materials, different shrinkage rate, different water imbibitions, and different molding flow performance needs to be taken into consideration, design mold cavity body uniform melt flow direction, pressure and gas emission conditions, such as is decrease the difficulty of injection increase the focus of the production efficiency, efficient molding mould is very important.

  1. Mold maintenance

Efficient mold is important, but it is also very important to maintain the efficient operation of the mold consistently, to keep the mold good mainly include: keep the mold clean, avoid wear and tear, timely replacement of worn parts, maintain lubrication, control the temperature difference effect, timely adjustment of state, and so on.

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