Seven problems in injection molding process of transparent ABS plastic materials should be paid attention to

In order to reduce internal stress and surface quality defects, the following seven problems should be paid attention to in the injection molding process of transparent ABS plastic materials (including the requirements of injection molding machine)

1. Special screw with separate temperature control nozzle should be used.

2. Injection temperature: under the premise that plastic resin does not decompose, it is advisable to use a higher injection temperature.

3. Injection pressure: generally higher, in order to overcome the melt viscosity of large defects, but the pressure is too high will produce internal stress to create a meme difficult and deformation.

4. Injection speed: in the case of mold filling, generally low, it is best to use slow – fast – slow multi – stage injection.

5. Pressure holding time and molding cycle: in the case of satisfying the product filling mold, no sag bubbles, should be as short as possible, in order to minimize the melting material in the barrel of the residence time.

6. Screw speed and back pressure: on the premise of meeting the quality of plasticizing, should be as low as possible, to prevent the possible solution.

7. Mold temperature: the product cooling quality, the quality of great influence, so mold temperature must be able to accurately control the process, if possible, mold temperature should be higher.

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