Several cases of mold deformation

Deformation in the processing of molds and parts is a headache, and it can not be completely avoided. Once a mold or part is deformed in the processing process, there will be losses, and safety problems will be caused. How many cases will the parts or molds be deformed?

1. The internal force changes the machining accuracy of the part. In the machining process, the part is locked by the three claws of the lathe, so that the force on the part is stable in the machining process. With the passage of time, it will loosen the chuck of the lathe, reduce the force on the part and produce deformation.

2. Heat treatment is easy to deform. When processing a batch of thin and small devices, heat treatment is usually carried out first. Then, if the technician’s knowledge is not solid and can not well understand the structure and properties of these components, it is easy to make the parts bend.

3. Elastic deformation occurs in the process of part processing due to the influence of external force. When analyzing part processing, lathes and fixtures will often be used. When they are uneven, the force will be uneven when fixing parts in the enterprise, and the party with small force will produce different deformation.

Improvement measures:

1. Heat treatment and natural part deformation, and then trim with cutting tools to maintain the integrity of the parts.

2. Continuously improve the information technology to increase the stiffness of parts.



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