Several categories of mold manufacturing

Plastic mold manufacturing refers to the tool that is matched with plastic molding machine to make plastic products have complete structure and size. There are many varieties of plastics and many processing methods, so plastic mold manufacturing is also diverse.

1. Injection mold, which is the most popular molding mold that can be applied and researched in the production of thermoplastic products, is designed. The processing technology equipment corresponding to the plastic injection mold is the plastic injection molding machine. The plastic is first heated and melted in the barrel at the bottom of the injection molding machine, and then driven by the screw or plunger of the injection molding machine, it has entered the mold cavity through the nozzle of the injection molding machine and the pouring operating system of the mold, The plastic is cooled and hardened, and the demoulding method is improved.

2. Compression mold, a kind of mold mainly used for molding thermosetting plastics, whose corresponding equipment is a pressure molding machine. The compression molding method heats the mold to the molding temperature (generally 103 ° – 108 °) according to the plastic characteristics, then puts the measured compression molding powder into the mold cavity and the feeding room, and closes the mold. Plastics soften and viscous flow occurs under the action of high temperature and pressure. After a certain period of time, it will be solidified to form the required product shape.

3. Extrusion die is a kind of die used to form continuous plastic products, also known as extrusion die, which is used for processing pipes, bars, monofilament, plates, films, cable coatings, profiles, etc.

4. Blow mold is a mold used to shape hollow products of plastic containers (such as beverage bottles, daily chemical products and other packaging containers). The main forms of blow molding are extrusion blow molding, injection molding blow molding, injection molding extended blow molding (commonly known as “injection pull blow”), multi-layer blow molding, sheet blow molding, etc.

5. Blister molds are usually used to make some relatively simple products, using plates and sheets as raw materials. Its principle is to use vacuum blooming method or compressed air molding technology to make plastic plates and sheets fixed on the female or male die deform under the condition of heating and softening and stick to the cavity of the mold for development. The products of the molding enterprise are mainly used for some daily necessities, food Toy packaging design products company production.

The above are just a few categories of mold manufacturing. I believe you will get something after reading them. Those who are interested in mold manufacturing may as well pay attention to us.



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