Several characteristics of precision mold processing

The most important thing in precision mold processing is precision. Therefore, the size of the workpiece has high requirements, and the error is about +-0.005. In addition, many precision molds cannot have a slope during production. It is precisely because of the operability and controllability of processing that the whole process can be carried out smoothly. Here are some features of precision mold processing.

1. Abrasion resistance

When plastic deformation occurs in the female mold of the injection mold, the raw materials will roll along the surface of the mold cavity circularly, causing severe friction between the surface of the mold cavity and the blank, thus making the abrasive tools invalid due to damage. Therefore, the corrosion resistance of materials is one of the most basic and important characteristics of molds.

The strength of precision die processing is the main factor affecting the wear resistance. Generally speaking, the higher the strength of mold parts, the smaller the wear rate and the higher the wear resistance. In addition, the wear resistance is also related to the type, total amount, shape, size and distribution of cementite in the material.

2. Strong ductility

Most of the mold shell operation standards are very extreme, and some often bear large impact loads, which will lead to brittle fracture. In order to avoid the sudden brittle fracture of die parts, high-precision metal dies must have high hardness and ductility.

The key to the ductility of precision die processing is the carbon content, grain size and structure of raw materials – precision die manufacturing.

3. Fatigue cracking characteristics

Fatigue fracture is usually caused by the long-term action of cyclic stress in the working part of the die, and its types include small kinetic energy repeated impact fatigue fracture.

The key to the fatigue cracking characteristics of the shell is its compressive strength, ductility, strength, and the composition of impurities in its raw materials.

4. High temperature characteristics

When the working temperature of the mold shell is high, the strength and hardness will decrease, resulting in initial damage or plastic deformation failure of the mold shell. Therefore, the precision hardware steel should have high quenching resistance reliability to ensure that the die shell has high strength and compressive strength at room temperature.



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