Six key factors affecting the flow path balance of injection mold

The way to measure the filling uniformity of a multi cavity die is called runner balance. Multi cavity mold is not as consistent as single cavity mold, but because multi cavity mold can usually produce parts at a lower cost, it is necessary to ensure that the injection mold is designed as a balanced multi cavity mold. There are six key factors that affect the flow balance.

Mold precision

Runner length: from the material inlet to each cavity, the flow length should be the same for all cavities.

Runner diameter: similar to the importance of runner length, the runner flow diameter must be equal to each cavity. Changing the flow diameter can cause new problems.

Gate cross-sectional area: for multi cavity mold, adjusting the gate size can also make the cavity achieve the purpose of feeding at the same time. Gate also plays a role in preventing early solidification and backflow of melt in mold cavity. The gate is usually made into the smallest cross section in the pouring, which is conducive to the separation of the plastic part and the gate after the plastic part is injected.

Cooling: effective cooling is necessary to ensure that there is no difference in mold temperature.

Exhaust: if the gas produced in the cavity due to various reasons cannot be eliminated during the injection process, the molding defects of plastic parts will be caused, such as bubble, insufficient filling, fusion joint, etc.

Clamping pressure: if there is no same clamping pressure on the injection mold, uneven exhaust may occur.



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