Structure Analysis of plastic mold

To analyze the structure of the plastic mold, we first need to know whether the product has the conditions for opening the mold, whether there are factors that affect the mold such as drawing, wall thickness, shrinkage deformation, buckle, etc. , knowing the shrinkage rate and fluidity of the product materials will determine the position of the gate and runner of the mould. After knowing the related information of the materials of the product structure, the next step is to determine the front and back moulds of the product, after the front and back moulds are determined, it is necessary to determine the position of the parting surface, the position of the product on the mould, the runner gate, the ejector pin, the cooling water position, the size of the front and back moulds, and finally the size of the mould base. You can also come to JasonMould to understand the related knowledge.

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