Suggestions on the installation of injection mold

1. Preparation before installation

Confirm the cooling water channel, and the screw depth into the machine plate is 1.5-1.8 times of the screw diameter. If the screw is not enough, it is easy to slide the teeth, and there is a risk of mold falling. Confirm whether the operators, materials, tools, documents, equipment and auxiliary equipment required for production are complete.

2. Method of lifting formwork

When the hanging die is not horizontal, there will be segment difference between the front and rear mold cavities of the installed mold. For the production of precision products, there will be poor concentricity, bad segment difference, poor tooth profile accuracy, poor distance and other phenomena.

When installing the mold, we must pay attention to this problem. When the hanging mold is closed to a small position which can be pushed by the hand, stop closing the mold. Loosen and tighten the lifting rings. Take the front die as the reference (because the front die is fixed with a positioning ring). Watch the rear die. When the level of the rear die is the best, the mold cavity position is consistent. Continue to close the mold until the completion, but do not start the high pressure. (the first time the upper mold is closed, the high pressure must not be raised until it is confirmed that the mold closing can be normal).

3. How to screw

When the mold temperature is lower than 50 ℃, the die can be closed to the high pressure start. When the die temperature is above 50 ℃, the screws of the front and rear dies should be tightened diagonally. When the mold temperature is above 50 ℃, the screws should not be too tight before the mold temperature reaches. After the mold temperature reaches the high pressure start, tighten the screws diagonally.

With the increase of temperature, the die material will swell and the volume will increase. It is more obvious when the mold temperature is high. If the screw is tightened before the temperature rise, the die life and die accuracy will be affected.

4. Use of accessories

When the mold thickness is not enough, it is necessary to add a template. When the mold temperature is high, it is better to install heat insulation board between the machine plate and the mold. No matter it is the template or heat insulation board, its flatness must be as small as possible.

If the flatness is large, the front and rear dies of the die are not parallel, and there is the same difference after the high-pressure closure, thus affecting the product quality. When the mold temperature reaches the set value, check the actual temperature of the mold and adjust the mold thickness once.


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