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How to Adjust Injection Molding Process Parameters

The measurement and control of temperature is very important in injection molding. Although these measurements are relatively simple, most injection moulding machines do not have sufficient temperature pick-up points or circuits. In most injection molding machines, the temperature is induced by thermocouples. A thermocouple is basically made up of two ends of different wires. If one end is hot than the other, it will produce a tiny telegram; the more heated it is, the stronger the signal.
Temperature control
Thermocouples are […]

Common Used Material Property of Injection Molded Part

PC: PC is the abbreviation of polycarbonate, with excellent electrical insulation, elongation, dimensional stability and chemical corrosion resistance, high strength, heat resistance and cold resistance, but also has self-extinguishing, flame retardant, non-toxic, coloring and other advantages.

Applications: Broad-wave transparent optical instruments; flame-retardant and environmentally friendly telecommunications appliances; surface metallized automotive parts; food containers with low residual harmful substances; anti-cracking and embrittlement medical devices
ABS: (ABS resin) (acrylonitrile-styrene-butadiene copolymer), good rigidity, high impact strength, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical […]

How to Control The Chromatic Aberration of Injection Molded Products

Chromatic aberration is a common defect in injection molding. It is not uncommon that the color difference of the matching parts causes the rejection of the injection molding machine in batches. There are many factors affecting chromatic aberration, including resin, masterbatch, masterbatch mixing with raw materials, injection molding process, injection molding machine, mold and so on. Because of the wide range involved, chromatic aberration control technology is also recognized as one of the more difficult technologies to master in […]

Injection Molding Design – Summary of Requirements on Mold Design Process

The mold design is different from product design, because it is a process design itself. The basic requirements for mold design are: 

The mold shall be able to complete the process of parts processing.


The equipment on which the mold is used shall be specified; and the technical parameters of the equipment shall be complied with.


The parts molded during the validity period of the mold shall have the dimension tolerance within the allowed range of parts drawings.


For prototype mold, the mold […]

Foundations of Mold Design in Injection Molding

The injection molding process is a common manufacturing method of plastic. The main process flow is as follows: molding, injection molding, pressing (preplastic), cooling setting, die opening, ejecting and clamping. In the process of injection molding, there are three stages in the process of injection molding, namely, premolding, injection and cooling. The following is the hook net to introduce the foundation of mold design in injection molding.

I. Injection molding process:


Preplastic stage

The screw begins to rotate, and then the plastic […]

Services of 3D Prototyping in China

China being the Asia’s largest financial hub is also one of the biggest makers of the plastic items and the plastic itself. Read further for details with respect to plastic prototyping China.
Plastic is the standard component utilized as a part of the manufacturing of different commercial and household items. Plastic has the lower melting point when contrasted with the metals and other elements.
The lower melting point of plastic makes it easier to transform it into wanted shape and forms as required. […]

What Is Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic injection mold is a mold used to form parts of thermoplastic products. Its forming features: after the plastic is heated to the flow state in the injection molding machine barrel, the closed mold is used to pass the viscous plastic in the barrel through the machine nozzle with high pressure element, and it is injected into the mold and enters the mold cavity through the pouring system and fills the mold cavity. The product is then molded by […]

Outlook of China’s Mould Manufacturing Industry

In daily life, when people buy goods, they laugh when they see Made in China. In China, the rapid development of mould manufacturing can not be separated from the development of China’s manufacturing industry. Just like fish cannot without water, only Chinese manufacturing industry has developed, the mould manufacturing industry will follow the growth and development, the development of the mould industry has been paid more and more attention . Some people say that the mould manufacturing industry is out of […]

Custom Automotive Modular Assembly

Revolutionizing Truck OEMs
Automotive modular assembly assists truck OEMs in developing and designing new products specific to the area it’s being sold. To revolutionize the truck industry, JasonMould’s automotive contract manufacturing encourages a standard frame, with unique interchangeable parts.
This Gives Customers And Automotive Assemblies Contract Manufacturing An Advantage
For example, offering a snow shield in trucks sold in colder climates and larger sun-flaps in trucks sold in hotter, sunnier climates. But, it is difficult for commercial vehicle OEMs to mix-and-match the components, […]


When designing for manufacture with plastic injection molding, there are still more guidelines to be taken into consideration. The easier it is for the toolmakers to create your mold, the faster your turnaround time will be, increasing the speed that your product will be out there for consumers. Here’s 8 design rules to follow when designing for manufacture:
1. Coherence. Try to make your design uniform throughout. That is, wall thickness, rib thickness and corner radii, for instance, should all be […]