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Several Elements in Plastic Mold

1. Parting surface: the contact surface between the plastic mold and the punch when it is closed. The selection of its position and form is affected by factors such as product shape and appearance, wall thickness, forming method, post-treatment process, die type and structure, demoulding method and forming machine structure.
2. Structural member: namely, slider, inclined jack and straight jack of complex mold. The design of structural parts is very critical, which is related to the product life, processing cycle, […]

What is the influence of temperature during injection molding

As many people know, injection molding is a very important step in processing a mold, and temperature is the most important, because the temperature affects the quality of the mold during injection molding. What will the temperature affect?
So, what is the disadvantage of high injection processing temperature? How do we deal with the problem of excessive temperature? Now let’s take a brief look.
1. Thermal deformation of the machine: due to small cooperation and operation failure, the moving parts with […]

These works of injection mold should also be well done

Injection mold is an important work for various mold manufacturers, and can be used in many industries. However, it is not just that there is nothing to do after the mold is injected. It is also necessary to maintain the mold at ordinary times. Today, what we bring you is how to maintain the mold.
First of all, the injection mold manufacturer shall provide an information card for each sub mold to record its use, maintenance and damage in detail, […]

Several categories of mold manufacturing

Plastic mold manufacturing refers to the tool that is matched with plastic molding machine to make plastic products have complete structure and size. There are many varieties of plastics and many processing methods, so plastic mold manufacturing is also diverse.
1. Injection mold, which is the most popular molding mold that can be applied and researched in the production of thermoplastic products, is designed. The processing technology equipment corresponding to the plastic injection mold is the plastic injection molding machine. […]

DJ Molding take you to understand the content of precision mold processing

Precision mold machining can be applied to many industries. The main processes of mold manufacturing include CNC milling, wire cutting, EDM, grinding, turning, measurement, automation, etc.
In fact, a mold part can not be completed without the use of various processes. In this process, constant clamping and calibration are required, which consumes a lot of time. Moreover, the machine tool does not work, and it is difficult to make full use of the processing capacity of expensive equipment.
With the increasingly […]

What factors will affect the precision of injection mold processing

How can we effectively improve the precision management of our injection molds during processing. First of all, we need to know which problems affect the production and processing accuracy of injection mold.
1. Dimensional accuracy
It refers to the conformity and degree between the actual working size of the machined part and the tolerance of the size of the part.
The dimensional accuracy is controlled by the dimensional tolerance. The dimensional tolerance is the allowable variation of the part size during the […]

We should pay attention to these when processing injection molds

Injection mold actually refers to injection molding. The injection mold is mainly used as an important production tool in the injection molding plant, which can determine the shape, specification, size and appearance cleanliness of the product. The die material is generally steel, which is basically composed of front and rear dies. The quality of injection mold can directly determine the quality of injection products and its production efficiency, which must not be ignored in the injection production process. Now, […]

Introduction to mold processing

In a short period of time, develop a time-consuming process procedure, be familiar with the technical level of machine tools and equipment, and have a good understanding of mold processing technology, meet the requirements of the complexity and particularity of mold processing parts, quickly confirm good processing technology, improve processing efficiency, and confirm reasonable small machining allowance.
Necessary machining allowance shall be reserved between each operation to reduce the processing time of each operation. Because most of the mold parts […]

The quality of finished mold is closely related to the processing method

1. High processing precision: a pair of molds is generally composed of molds, punches and mold bases, and some can also be multiple assembly modules. Therefore, the combination of upper and lower dies, the combination of insert and cavity, and the combination of modules require high machining accuracy, and the dimensional accuracy of precision dies usually reaches level m.
2. Complex shape and surface: Some products, such as car panels, aircraft parts, toys, household appliances, are composed of multiple curved […]

What factors should injection mold materials have

Do you know the basic principles for selecting materials for injection mold? If you still don’t know, let’s hurry up and have a look with us.
1. Wear resistance
During the plastic deformation of the blank in the die cavity, the blank flows and slides along the surface of the die cavity, causing friction between the surface of the die cavity and the blank. Therefore, the wear resistance of materials is one of the most basic and important properties of dies.
The […]