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Injection mold is different from other processing technologies

Injection mold is a technical work, which is different from other processing technologies. When using injection technology, different materials should be selected according to different molds and different injection molding processes should be used. This is the difference of injection mold. There are different regulations on raw materials, characteristics and molds.
1. with the emergence of high-speed forming machinery and equipment, the production speed of plastic products has accelerated. As the injection mold temperature is usually between 165-300 ° C, […]

These three processing technologies should be considered for injection mold

In the process of injection mold processing, the complete professional technology is an indispensable project, which involves the transformation of plastics into products that retain the original system performance. The important production process design conditions of injection molding are the temperature, pressure and corresponding different effects that affect the plasticizing flow and cooling. Here, our analysis can be roughly divided into three aspects: first, temperature and control, second, pressure management and control, and third, forming cycle. There are 3 […]

How much do you know about mold design

1. Batch size test, mold production hours, can be made into wood or resin. However, if a die is used to obtain data such as shrinkage, dimensional stability and cycle time, a single cavity die should be used for experiment and can be used in production. Molds are generally made of gypsum, copper, aluminum or aluminum steel alloy, and aluminum resin is rarely used.
2. Geometric design: dimensional stability and surface quality shall be considered during design.
3. Dimensional stability. In […]

Many factors affect the quality of finished products in the mold forming stage

In the process of injection molding, whether the finished product quality and accuracy of the mold meet the requirements is the top priority. The formed mold should meet the requirements of size, accuracy and shape, but the injection molding process will be inconsistent due to the difference between heat and shrinkage, so this process should be handled carefully.
Improper injection mold or design will directly affect the shrinkage of plastics, because the size of plastic products plus the estimated size […]

There are many dents when processing parts. How to prevent them

Generally, various errors will occur in the processing of precision parts or precision molds. Shrinkage and dents are very common phenomena. If dents always appear in the processing of parts or molds, we should pay attention to these. The following precision parts processing manufacturers will tell you how to prevent dents during processing.
1、 Dents in precision parts processing
1. When machining precision parts, if the cooling time is short, the parts will also be deformed;
2. During precision mold processing, if […]

Filling knowledge of injection molding

Injection molding is a step that many molds need to go through. This step is divided into four stages, and filling is the first stage. Here is not to say that filling is more important in the injection molding process. No one can leave who in the four stages. The following is mainly about filling.
First of all, we need to understand that filling is the first step of injection molding. It needs to work at the beginning of mold […]

A brief talk on the idea of mold processing

Huizhou Dj molding has been focusing on mold processing and mold making for many years. It is a leader in the mold processing industry. We have advanced equipment, unique processing technology and support of several technicians. We have strong strength. We welcome major customers to consult and rush to buy.
What is the development direction of mold processing?
What are the right ideas?
Do small and medium-sized mold factories need a management system?
What is the automation of mold manufacturing?
Are these problems perplexing […]

Why make molds like this?

At present, many equipment need a mold. Without a mold, it will be very troublesome and can not achieve the desired effect. There are more and more mold manufacturers. Each personnel will have their own shortcomings and shortcomings in the design process. The methods summarized by technicians with 20 years of experience are as follows:
1、 Accept the assignment
The task list of plastic molded parts is usually proposed by the part designer, as follows:
1. Some approved drawings shall be marked […]

Design scheme and heat treatment of injection mold

At present, there are more and more plastic products, so there are more and more injection mold enterprises. However, the quality of molds produced by each enterprise is also not the same. Some people have questions. Why is the quality of the same technology and materials very different? Purongni injection mold manufacturer will tell you the reasons here.
In order to avoid similar problems, first of all, after the design scheme of injection molding products is determined, it is necessary […]

These six requirements for the purchase of plastic molds can not be ignored

Plastic mold is the abbreviation of a combined mold used for compression molding, extrusion, injection, blow molding and low foaming molding. A series of plastic parts with different shapes and sizes can be processed by the coordinated change of punch, die and auxiliary forming system. In order to meet the needs of molded parts, we need to pay attention to some matters when selecting plastic molds, and put forward corresponding requirements. Now choose a more suitable plastic mold to […]