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What are the aesthetic applications in the product design of beauty instrument injection molding production company?

Only when modern products have good quality characteristics can they meet the increasing aesthetic requirements of consumers. For the product design of beauty instrument injection molding company, it has always been our pursuit and goal to present products to customers in a more beautiful attitude.
Therefore, when designing products, our designers integrate the content and processing methods of aesthetic art into the whole product creation, and comprehensively reflect the physical beauty, linear beauty and color beauty of products by using […]

What are the precautions for mold test before processing in injection mold processing plant?

The injection mold processing plant shall increase the mold temperature, select the appropriate mold temperature control machine according to the performance of the raw materials used for the products and the size of the plastic mold, and increase the mold temperature to the temperature required for production. After the mold temperature is increased, the action of each part must be checked again, because the mold clamping phenomenon may be caused by the thermal expansion of steel, so the sliding […]

Injection mold factory’s know-how to do well in products — paying attention to injection molding process

Some products of the injection mold factory are molded with PC (polycarbonate) or PC + ABS materials. Due to the poor fluidity of PC, the process is usually filled with high mold temperature and high material temperature: the gate used is usually point gate, and graded injection molding is required to find the gate position and injection pressure maintaining switching position, It will be very helpful to solve the gate gas mark and flash anomaly.
Therefore, if our injection mold […]

Injection molding products appear crazing how to do, mold design to solve your worries!

The crazing defect of plastic mold injection molding plant in the process of injection molding products can not be solved after debugging by various methods. At this time, it is necessary to consider whether the solution to such problems is not considered at the beginning of mold design. Next, the machco mold designer will analyze why the mold design can solve the product crazing problem.
Through the inspection of the following four aspects, the problems of this kind of plastic […]

Dongguan injection molding factory expounds the product design problems

Through preliminary market research and product data provided by customers, R & D personnel and project leaders of Dongguan injection molding plant can formulate corresponding project feasibility report to accurately control the R & D progress and delivery cycle of products.
Before design, it is also necessary to understand and analyze the relevant technologies of the product. As designers, they need to timely understand and master the cutting-edge trends of relevant global technology development, and often think about how to […]

How do general injection molding factories solve the problem of product pitting?

Many technicians of injection molding products factories will find that sometimes there are many pits on the surface of injection molded products when plastic products are processed and injected. Different from the impurity problem of black spots, pitting mainly produces many pits on the product surface.
It has a great impact on the appearance. The inspectors of the injection molding product factory should know that it is difficult for customers to accept such products with appearance problems.
We consulted technician and […]

What are the temperature control of plastic mold

The temperature of plastic mold has a great impact on product molding quality, which is one of the three process conditions of injection molding. For precision injection molding, there is not only the problem of temperature, but also the problem of temperature control accuracy. Obviously, in the process of precision injection molding, if the temperature control is not accurate, the fluidity of plastic melt and the molding performance and shrinkage of products will not be stable, so the accuracy […]

Thread design skills of injection mold processing technology

Dj molding  is a manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales. In the ten years of serving at home and abroad brands, Dj molding has accumulated rich comprehensive experience in design, development technology, mass production, quality management and other technical disciplines such as machinery, electronics and product innovation.
Today, let’s talk about the thread design theory. During the processing of injection mold, when the plastic parts directly form the thread, the accuracy can’t exceed level 3, otherwise the […]

What if injection molding products have black spots?

Huizhou Dj Mold is a manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales. In the ten years of serving domestic and foreign customers, Dj Mold has accumulated rich comprehensive experience in design, development technology, mass production, quality management and other technical disciplines such as machinery, electronics and injection molding product innovation.
As a manufacturer with more than ten years of injection molding experience, we have also encountered many problems in this process. Today we will take an example to […]

How to improve the service life of molds? Dj Mold, who has more than 10 years of experience in over mold in the industry, tells you!

No matter what object has a certain service life, the glue coated mold is no exception. When it is used to a certain extent, the glue coated mold will fail and need to be opened to produce a new mold. The service life of the glue coated mold is affected by many factors. Only over mold factory with a complete understanding of these factors can suit the remedy to the case and produce a mold with a longer service […]