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How to improve the machining accuracy of machining center

In the actual industrial production, the processing of many parts or articles needs the help of certain molds. In the process of mold processing, it is often necessary to repair, process and improve the specific details of the whole mold with the help of the machining center, so that the final processed mold can better meet the needs of subsequent enterprise production operations. How can we better improve the accuracy of mold processing? Let’s take a look.
In the process […]

How to improve the accuracy of parts when producing parts with molds

There are many parts in life that cannot be processed without molds. Using molds to process different types of parts will lead to higher accuracy and qualification rate of parts. In the process of processing parts with the help of molds, if enterprises want to better improve the accuracy of the whole part, they need to choose qualified molds, and also do a good job in the adjustment of processing equipment and reasonable process adjustment, so as to make […]

Influence of plastic mold on injection molded products

The ultimate purpose of mold manufacturers to produce many types of models is to better meet the production of different types of products by different enterprises, so as to improve the quality of their finished products. Among many molds, plastic mold is a kind of mold that is widely used in the injection molding industry. Whether the plastic mold processing is standard or not will directly affect the quality of the injected finished parts.
The more standard the plastic mold […]

Mold assembly process guidance

1. Preparation before assembly
Be familiar with products, count workpieces, receive accessories and order accessories.
① First, get familiar with the product graphics, check all the dimensions and relevant technical requirements of the assembly, then understand the structure in combination with the assembly drawing, get familiar with the location of the materials on the assembly drawing according to the bill of materials of the assembly drawing, and get the screws and other auxiliary parts together with the workpiece.
② Check and clean […]

What is the structure of the injection mold?

The plastic mold is composed of a moving mold and a fixed mold. The moving mold is installed on the moving template of the injection molding machine, and the fixed mold is installed on the fixed template of the injection molding machine. During injection molding, the moving mold and the fixed mold are closed to form the gating system and cavity. When opening the mold, the moving mold and the fixed mold are separated to take out the plastic […]

What if the injection molded products are burnt during injection molding?

Scorch marks refer to the phenomenon of blackening at the end of the flow because the gas in the mold cavity cannot be discharged in time.
Causes of coke marks:
1. The cavity air cannot be discharged in time
2. Material degradation
a. Excessive melt temperature
b. Too fast screw speed
c. Improper design of runner system
Improvement method:
1. Mold design
a. Add an exhaust system where poor exhaust is easy to occur
b. Increase the size of sprue, shunt and gate
2. Process conditions
a. Reduce injection pressure
b. Reduce […]

Hardness: an important performance index of mold materials and finished molds

In industrial production, mold steel is the main material of the die industry. The service life of the die and the accuracy, quality and appearance performance of the finished parts are not only related to the design technology and manufacturing accuracy of the die, but also related to the accuracy and manufacturing operation of the machine tool. Correct selection of die materials and correct execution of heat treatment process are also crucial. The heat treatment quality and service performance […]

Standards for mirror polishing of mold, methods and precautions for mold polishing

Polishing is a very important process in the process of making plastic molds. Generally, it is a process of polishing the mold cavity surface with oilstone, sandpaper, polishing paste, etc., so that the working surface of the mold can be as bright as a mirror.
Mold polishing can make the surface of the product smooth and beautiful. In addition, it can make the product easier to demould on the mold.
The standards for mirror polishing of molds are divided into four […]

What are the bases for evaluating the economic and technical indicators of molds

The level of mold technology is ultimately reflected in mold manufacturing cycle, mold service life, mold accuracy and stiffness, mold manufacturing cost, mold standardization and other aspects, which are also the basis for evaluating mold economic and technical indicators.
Mold manufacturing cycle: mold manufacturing cycle reflects the production technology level and organization management level of mold enterprises. Try to shorten the mold manufacturing cycle when manufacturing the mold. At present, in order to shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, the method […]

Regulations on independent inspection of injection molding workshop

1、 Purpose
To strengthen process quality control, improve product quality, improve production efficiency, effectively control the number of rework, and supervise the self inspection of operators.
2、 Scope of application
All injection workshop operators.
3、 Content
1. Before continuous production, the operator must send the first piece of quality inspection for confirmation, and the first piece can be produced only after it is qualified and sealed. The label of the sealed sample must have the article number, name, sample sealing person and sample sealing […]