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Will the mold industry be eliminated? Brief analysis of the present situation, existing problems and development prospects of the mold industry

In recent years, due to various reasons of the mold industry, the development of the mold industry is facing many difficulties. It is not as good as before, and the future development prospects are not very clear. In the end, many people have to leave the industry. New people have doubts. Is the mold industry declining? Will the mold industry be eliminated? Before discussing this issue, first analyze the position of the mold in the whole manufacturing industry, and […]

How to choose 3D printing or CNC for prototype development?

When manufacturing product prototypes to support product development, 3D printing and CNC (computer numerical control) milling machines are two kinds of prototyping processes that need to be considered. How to choose between these two processes in specific applications, especially when the design and product specifications have not been finalized? Combined with specific cases, we can understand the characteristics of the two processes.
Advantages of 3D printing process:
1. Without the use of molds, complex geometries can be manufactured without affecting time […]

What should be paid attention to when processing injection molds

Injection mold is one of the most widely used molds. It is often used in the cosmetics industry and the processing of some daily necessities. In the process of mold processing, the whole manufacturing process and related details must be done in place, otherwise the accuracy of the mold may be affected.
1. The surface of the injection mold must be smooth
During the production of injection molds, if the surface of the molds is not smooth enough, it will affect […]

Common problems and solutions of injection molding machines and molds

1、 Common problems of injection molding machine
1. No mold locking
① Check and repair the travel switch in front of the safety door.
② Check the 24v5a power supply in the electric box, replace the fuse and power box.
③ Check whether the valve element is stuck and clean the valve element.
④ Check whether the I / O board has output and whether the solenoid valve is charged.
⑤ Check whether the hydraulic safety switch is pressed and whether the mechanical lock lever […]

Factors affecting mold life and methods to improve mold life

The mold life  restricts the application and development of fine blanking technology. Therefore, we must pay attention to the service life of the mold. The following editor will provide you with the factors that affect the mold life and tell you the ways to improve the mold life.
Factors affecting mold life
1. Structural manufacturability of fine blanking parts (sharp corners, thin walls, suspended walls, dimensional tolerances, etc.).
2. Materials of fine blanking parts (material quality, material thickness, hardness, plasticity, surface quality).
3. […]

What will happen if the polishing time is too long during mold processing

As we all know, plastic mold is an indispensable supporting product in the plastic processing industry. There is also a plastic molding machine, which can make the mold structure better, higher precision and high integrity. However, because the processing methods and materials of plastic mold will be different, the type and structure of the mold will not be the same.
In the process of plastic mold, because its polishing steps must also be experienced, but if it is not handled […]

What should we pay attention to when checking and accepting plastic molds made by manufacturers

When looking for a special mold processing manufacturer to customize plastic molds, in addition to communicating and confirming with the manufacturer about the details of the customized molds before production, enterprises should also pay attention to the relevant acceptance work after the completion of the whole mold processing. Only when the plastic mold made fits the mold you want to make better, can it provide more help for the subsequent actual production.
In the acceptance of the finished plastic model, […]

Analysis of mold manufacturing advantages of the seven mold powers in the world

In the past two decades, China’s mold manufacturing technology has made a qualitative leap, and the mold industry has risen rapidly from small to large. With the development of China’s automotive industry, independent brands have entered the middle and high-end, and new energy vehicles have sprung up, making China a world mold power.
The mold powers in the world are China, Germany, the United States, Italy, Australia, Singapore and Japan. Today we will analyze the mold advantages of each country.
1、 […]

Those mold processing matters that should be paid attention to

Presumably, many people are very interested in mold processing. What is mold processing? Mold processing refers to the processing of the initial shape of some workpieces. The influence of mold processing on some parts is very important, so what should be paid attention to in mold processing?
When processing molds, we often compile the process flow with simple production and short production time in a very short time. Therefore, when we formulate the process, the person who formulates the process, […]

Only when the finished injection mold meets these conditions can it be regarded as qualified

For enterprises specializing in mold processing, there are certain differences in the standard of whether the mold is qualified when making different types of molds, especially for the more exquisite types of molds such as injection molds, the requirements for their production details will be higher in the whole production process. Now let’s take a look at what is qualified after the injection mold is processed and manufactured.
In the process of designing and manufacturing injection molds, we should pay […]