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What can be done during mold injection to prevent trouble

Injection mold is a craft. It is divided into thermosetting and thermoplastic. According to the molding process, it can be divided into six kinds. Injection molding is mainly the production and processing of some materials with complex shapes. It is mainly to introduce the melted plastic into the material through the injection molding machine, and finally cool it for molding. However, some accidents may occur in this process. In order to avoid accidents, we should do the following work.
1: […]

These contents are the main reasons affecting the machining accuracy of molds

Mold processing designers must have rich experience in design and injection molding. For precision mold processing, the relationship between these factors and injection molding conditions and their apparent factors must be considered, such as injection pressure, cavity pressure and mold filling speed, injection melt temperature and mold temperature, mold structure and gate type and distribution. The effects of gate area, wall thickness, filler content in plastic, plastic crystallinity and orientation are discussed. The influence of the above factors also […]

Don’t be afraid when the mold is deformed

Many molded products need to be processed before completion, so mold processing has become a very popular industry. At present, there are many mold processing and design companies in Guangdong, but the quality is uneven. Do you know the reason why the mold is often deformed? How should we deal with it?
We know that there are many commonly used heat treatment methods. If heating and expansion treatment are still carried out at a very high temperature, it will become […]

Injection molding and temperature

Mold temperature is an important variable in the injection molding process. A hot mold surface is the plastic surface, which keeps the plastic surface liquid for a long time, enough to form pressure in the mold cavity. For each kind of plastic and plastic parts, there is a limit of mold surface temperature, beyond which one or more adverse effects may occur.
The higher the mold temperature, the smaller the flow resistance. On many injection molding machines, this naturally means […]

The most common methods and processes of plastic mold development and design

Common processing tools and machines for plastic mold development, design and processing
1) Measuring tools: caliper, micrometer, dial indicator, standard gauge block, standard angle block, rotary table, angle gauge, projector, reading machine, etc;
2. Processing machines and equipment: gong machine, lathe, grinder, drilling machine, CNC (computer gong), spark machine, wire cutting machine, etc.
3) Processing method and technology
Generally, the mold is ordered directly from the mold factory, and the processing method is omitted here. According to the processing design drawing of precision […]

Is the injection mold simple? That’s just what you see on the surface

We all think that the structure of the injection mold is very simple, because we only see the surface, but we don’t know that a design is designed to design a mold, but it takes several days to draw a 3D drawing and then convert it into a 2D drawing. During this period, the designer has to go through a lot of tests and judgments when designing each ejector rod, otherwise it will cause the dislocation of the ejector […]

What is the to reduce the use time of precision mold processing?

What are the factors affecting the service life of precision mold processing? Here, Dj molding has sorted out some contents for you. Come and have a look.
1、 The main factor is corrosion failure. When the mold hardness is high, the corrosion resistance is good. If the die hardness is poor, the corrosion resistance is poor.
2、 Thermal fatigue crack damage failure, injection molding and mold are formed repeatedly under the action of cold and heat to form surface and internal […]

How to screen injection mold manufacturers?

With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, the competitiveness of the mold industry is also increasing. For example, in the industry with relatively low threshold of plastic shell injection mold processing, there are many manufacturers with different sizes and small ranges, which makes it difficult for many customers with real demand to find quality manufacturers.
Then Dj Molding will share with you some tips on how to select high-quality manufacturers in many injection mold processing. First of […]

Mold processing needs to be carried out according to the specified process to ensure its accuracy and quality

Mold processing needs to be carried out according to the specified process to ensure its accuracy and quality. Mold processing is a complex process, so we must be careful in processing. What is the processing flow of the mold? Let’s talk about it in detail.
1. Mold blank preparation
Most of the raw materials are metals. From the perspective of forging, the raw materials used are usually bars, plates and pipes. Operators should choose according to the shape and set size […]

Solution to the problem that injection mold cannot exhaust

When the injection mold is opened, the mold often can not exhaust. How to solve this situation?
From the design process of injection mold, the exhaust of injection mold is through the gap between injection mold parts. Most injection molds with small volume can exhaust naturally by using the clearance between the parting surface of the mold, the fit clearance between the push rod and the push rod hole and the fit clearance of the movable core hole.
For example, if […]