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How is it that the injection mold is easily damaged in the molding stage

Injection mold refers to the processing of a mold through injection molding, but if the process is not well handled, it is easy to damage the materials; And if the injection mold tools are used for a long time without careful maintenance, they are easy to be damaged, which will also cause losses to the company. What are the reasons for the damage?
Then, why is the injection mold damaged? The injection mold known to everyone at the time of […]

What can be done well in mold injection to prevent problems before they occur

Injection mold is a craft, which can be divided into thermosetting and thermoplastic. According to the molding process, it can be divided into six types. Injection molding mainly refers to the production and processing of some materials with complex shapes. It mainly refers to the introduction of melted plastic into the material with an injection molding machine, and finally cooling and molding. However, in this process, some accidents may occur. In order to avoid accidents, we should do the […]

Needless to ask, you certainly can’t see the development trend of injection mold

At present, our industrial applications have involved various fields. As long as each industry is making parts, it can not leave the mold, because the mold can help them to make the desired effect more accurately.
With the rapid development of injection mold industry, a new model based on injection mold manufacturing in the information age. The production efficiency of the injection mold industry has been greatly improved, which has a milestone impact on the manufacturing industry. Due to the […]

Four tasks of injection mold

1、 Process Analysis of Plastic Products
Before the injection mold, there will be a design link. This link is to analyze which materials are used and whether these materials meet the conditions of the injection mold. You need to consult with the designer carefully and reach a consensus analysis. It is necessary to discuss the shape of the product, including a group of dimensional accuracy and appearance requirements, and avoid unnecessary matters in the process of injection molding.
2、 Determination of […]

Methods to improve the quality and production efficiency of mold manufacturing

Mold processing and manufacturing is a hot industry, and the competition is fierce, especially in the quality of molds, which directly determines whether an enterprise can operate for a long time. Therefore, mold processing manufacturers should learn to find their own production and processing methods, and also improve quality and efficiency.
In order to enable plastic mold enterprises to produce qualified plastic molds with high accuracy, low cost and high efficiency, the design of mold production should be reasonable first, […]

12 hidden costs are the key factors to reduce mold enterprises

Competitiveness, especially small and medium-sized mold enterprises and developing mold enterprises, always encounter development bottlenecks in a certain period, always feel that the cost of operation has been rising, but it is difficult to find the “location” of the cost, which we call “hidden cost”. This is like a disease hidden in life. If it is not cured for a long time, it will linger. It has become a thrust for mold operators to frown.
If these “hidden costs” can […]

When designing injection moulds, these three tasks should not be ignored

Many people know the work of injection molds, and this step is very important for molds, and different mold quality will also lead to different finished product quality, but it does not mean that high-quality products do not need to pay attention to maintenance in the later stage, so in order to ensure better effect of injection molds, we need to do the following work.
1、 Regular inspection, maintenance and refueling.
Generally speaking, the working cycle of injection molds is mostly […]

Bubbles have always been a difficult problem in the process of injection molding. How to deal with them

Injection mold belongs to a pouring method. Since it is pouring, there will be various problems in the processing process. The occurrence of problems proves that we have made subtle mistakes in the processing process. However, some are easy to deal with and some are not easy. For example, bubbles appear, because bubbles are a problem that many manufacturers are worried about. Today, I will share some bubble treatment methods:
1、 When the thickness of the product is large, the […]

Whether the injection mold is qualified and what is the evaluation basis

For enterprises engaged in the processing of plastic products, it is often necessary to apply different specifications of injection molds in the whole production process to make the whole production and processing process more smooth. During the production of injection molded products with the help of molds, the accuracy of the molds will directly affect the quality of the final products. Therefore, when purchasing molds, we must pay attention to whether the quality of the whole mold is up […]

What can be done during mold injection to prevent problems

Injection molding is a craft. It can be divided into thermosetting and thermoplastic. According to the molding process, it can be divided into six types. Injection molding is mainly used to produce and process some materials with complex shapes. It is mainly used to introduce the melted plastic into the material through an injection molding machine, and finally cool it to form. However, some accidents may occur during this process. In order to avoid accidents, we should do the […]