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Some standard requirements of die processing

With the increase of market and demand, the demand for products is higher and higher, which is a good opportunity for mold processing companies. At present, there are more and more manufacturers of mold parts. We need to know whether the parts produced by manufacturers can meet the demand. Then, what are the standard requirements for high-precision parts processed by mold processing plants?
1. Cold and hot fatigue resistance of parts;
2. Strength and toughness of parts;
3. High temperature performance of […]

Development and application characteristics of precision mold

Compared with ordinary molds, precision molds are characterized by higher accuracy of assembly dimensions. Commonly used terms are the processing of some precision instruments, mobile phone molds, etc. Although the volume of precision die is small, its internal structure is very complex, which plays a very important role in the development of electronics, automobile or machinery industries. How exactly are precision molds processed?
What are the stages of precision die processing development
Before precision mold processing, it is necessary to develop […]

In the current industrial production, injection mold helps to improve the production efficiency of enterprises

In the modern industrial system, the extensive application of various new technologies and equipment has played a very important role in improving the production efficiency of the whole society. In this process, the emergence of injection mold largely replaces the shortcomings of traditional mold manufacturing, which plays an important role in improving the production efficiency and economic benefits of enterprises.
The traditional mold is not only cumbersome in the production process, but also needs to spend a lot of time. […]

These points should be paid attention to when auditioning mold suppliers

At present, there are many mold processing factories on the market, and for different enterprises, the molds required will be different according to the characteristics of their products. How to choose the mold suitable for their own enterprise development from many factories has become an important link that enterprises must pay attention to in the production process. Let’s learn together below.
When selecting a mold processing supplier, the following points must be considered
1、 Supplier size
When choosing mold suppliers, enterprises should […]

What is the reason why injection molding is widely used

In daily life, the toys we buy for our children, or bottles, containers and other materials need to use injection molding technology. More products we don’t know are also manufactured and processed by injection molding industry. Why do so many products use injection molding? Because it has several advantages.
1. Suitable for producing precision products
One of the main advantages of plastic injection molding technology is that it can design a complex plastic precision parts and components through easy teaching. Compared […]

Five elements in plastic mould

1. Parting line: the contact surface between the plastic mold and the punch when it is closed. The selection of its position and form is affected by product shape and appearance, wall thickness, forming method, post-treatment process, die type and structure, demoulding method and forming machine structure.
2. Structural parts: sliding block, inclined top and straight top of complex mold. The design of structural parts is very critical, which is related to product life, processing cycle, cost, product quality and […]

Pay special attention when injecting medical molds

There are some points that need to be paid attention to when injecting medical molds. Because medical molds are precision types, we should make all the dimensions better so that there will be no great changes in the molds. For injection mold engineers, it is very important to grasp the dimensions of injection parts and molds according to the design drawings, manufacturing process The molding process is controlled from three aspects.
In addition, we also need to consider the appropriate […]

Do you know the characteristics of mold processing

Mold processing industry is developing rapidly. Now many things are made of mold processing. This article takes you to understand its characteristics.
1. The technical accuracy of mold processing can be high. The mold is generally composed of female mold, male mold and mold base system, and some may also be multi piece assembly design modules. Therefore, the combination of upper and lower dies, the combination of insert and cavity, and the combination between module functions all require high machining […]

The effect of injection molding is very satisfactory

1. High efficiency
Injection molding technology is very convenient and fast, and can realize mass production. Why? Because injection molding is to add some materials to the barrel for heating, inject the materials into the mold cavity after melting, and then wait for cooling. After cooling, the details will be the finished product, so the efficiency of injection molding is still very high.
2. High strength
Glass fiber additives are used in plastic materials. These highly engineered composite plastics have strong durability […]

Why auxiliary equipment is used in mold processing

Injection mold processing needs various process requirements. In addition to the specified host, it also needs a large number of auxiliary equipment to help complete each processing process. The automation, rationalization and perfection of auxiliary equipment determine the viability of products and enterprises to a certain extent, so auxiliary equipment plays an important role in production.
According to the function, it can be divided into three categories: feeding system equipment, corner waste recycling and temperature control system device. It also […]