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What are the effects of wall thickness of plastic products on quality

The wall thickness of the plastic parts processed by injection moulding has a great influence on the quality. When the wall thickness is too small and the flow resistance is too large, it is difficult for large and complex plastic parts to fill the cavity. The minimum size of the wall thickness processed by plastic parts should meet the following requirements:

It has enough strength and stiffness.


It can withstand the shock and vibration of demoulding mechanism when demoulding.


Can withstand the […]

China custom plastic injection molding services and additive manufacturing at your fingertips for large volume of manufacturing

Although many companies can mold in a personalized way, they are not able to satisfy the growing demand of customers.
There are several companies that offer custom injection molding services, but none can satisfy a great demand because they do not have the number of machines necessary to manufacture all the products requested in a short time.

The custom injection molding services must be completely oriented not only to the quality, but also to the quantity of pieces that can be […]


The price of molds differs from their own standards. The society of plastic industry(SPI), a professional mold research association in America, divided molds into 5 standards, which have different manufacturing requirements. All of these molds are only suitable for the injection molding machine with 400 tons or less. In the following paper, we will introduce you these 5 kinds of molds:

Class 101 molds:
It rated for 1,000,000 times or more cycles, typically using in mass-up production, with the best raw material, so […]