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Tips on filling of injection molding

Injection molding is a step that many molds need to go through. This step is divided into four stages, and filling is the first stage. This does not mean that filling is more important in the injection molding process. No one can be separated from the four stages. The following is mainly about filling.
First of all, we need to understand that filling is the first step of injection molding. It needs to work at the beginning of mold closure. […]

How does the temperature of the injection mold affect the plastic parts?

There are many reasons that affect the cooling of the injection mold, such as the shape of the plastic part and the design of the parting surface, the type, temperature and flow rate of the cooling medium, the geometric parameters of the cooling pipe, the layout of our space, the mold material, the melt temperature, and the requirements for the plastic part, which all have a certain impact on the temperature of the injection mold and the plastic part. […]

Bubbles have always been a very difficult problem in the process of injection molding. How to deal with it

Injection mold belongs to a casting method. Since it is casting, there will be various problems in the processing process. The occurrence of problems proves that we have made minor errors in the processing process. However, some are easy to deal with, while others are not easy, such as bubbles, because bubbles are a problem that many manufacturers are struggling with. Today, I would like to share some bubble treatment methods:
1、 When the thickness of the product is large, […]

Special attention shall be paid to injection molding of medical mold

There are some points to pay attention to when injection molding medical molds. Because medical molds are precision types, we should improve all the dimensions so that the mold will not change too much. For injection mold engineers, it is very important to grasp the size of the injection parts and the size of the mold, which needs to be controlled according to the design drawing, manufacturing process and molding process.
In addition, we also need to consider the appropriate […]

What should we do to make molds better

I believe that everyone should know something about the injection mold. The main content of this article is the polishing of the injection mold, why it should be polished, and what should be paid attention to in polishing.
There are two main purposes for polishing injection molds; One is to make the surface of the product produced by the mold smooth, beautiful and beautiful by increasing the mold finish; the other is that we can improve the mold to easily […]

Do you know the conditions of injection molding?

What are the conditions of injection molding ? Let’s take a look at the conditions of injection molding!
1. Injection pressure
The injection molding pressure exists to overcome the resistance of the melt in the flow process, or conversely, the resistance in the flow process needs to be offset by the injection molding machine pressure to ensure the smooth filling process.
2. Injection time
The injection time is very short and has little impact on the molding cycle. However, the injection time adjustment […]

Ten Reasons for Poor Machining Accuracy of Precision Parts

As everyone in the industry knows, the reason why precision parts processing is called precision processing is that its processing procedures and requirements are high, and the requirements for parts’ quality are high. The precision of precision parts includes position precision, dimension precision, shape precision, etc. Now, Projuni will tell you about the reasons that affect the precision of precision parts processing.
PolyOne Mold
(1) When the main rotation axis of the machining machine tool rotates, some errors will also occur […]

DJ Molding shares with you the performance required by the mold

With the development of society, molds are widely used in many fields. Mold designers must have rich experience in design and injection molding, and must consider the relationship between these influencing factors and injection molding conditions and their apparent factors. Because most of the working conditions of molds are poor, molds need to have a lot of performance. Now let’s follow DJ Molding to learn about it.
Folding high temperature performance
When the working temperature of the die is relatively high, […]

What causes the color error after injection molding

There may be various problems after injection molding, but these problems cannot be avoided. Once these problems affect the use effect of finished products and cannot meet the needs of the company, we need to find out these problems before the production is completed to see which step is wrong. Now let’s talk about the color problem after injection molding.
(1) Matching of injection molding machine
First of all, when selecting the injection molding machine, choose the equipment that is consistent […]

How do you know about the driving mode of injection mold

The products produced by injection mold have long been seen everywhere in our lives, but in fact, many people do not know much about injection mold processing. This article will show you several ways to drive the processing of injection molds:
The drive and driving force for processing and movement of injection mold are provided by the power of the machining machine tool and equipment through the transmission mechanism.
Electromechanical transmission: such as punch press, friction press, roll forging machinery, etc., […]