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What are the main applications of injection mold processing

Injection mold is a compact tool, which is irregular in shape and bears the expansion force of the blank. Therefore, there are high requirements for structural strength, stiffness, hardness, roughness and machining accuracy. The increase of injection mold is one of the most important symbols of the degree of mechanical manufacturing.
After a long time of operation, the injection mold needs to be polished, and the polished edge must be demagnetized without magnetism, otherwise it is easy to cause blockage. […]

Pay attention to the speed and time when processing the mold

On mold steel with the same surface roughness, the machining speed generated by relative electric pulse when electrode loss occurs is an important factor to measure the performance of electric pulse machining and machine tools. In this case, the manufacturer will provide its own processing current to ensure that we can effectively achieve the processing speed when the mold is in the processing state. However, in the actual processing design process of life, the processing technology conditions and chip […]

This technology will make the quality of products better

Many of the materials we see in daily life are processed by injection molding technology, most of which are plastic products. Maybe some toys are completed by injection molding technology. What are the advantages of using injection molding technology when processing molds?
Injection mold technology has been widely used in our life. Double injection molding process is one of the processing and molding processes of injection mold. This process refers to the technical injection molding of two different plastic materials. […]

Model manufacturing is inseparable from high-precision mold, and developers cannot ignore the communication

When developing products or trial producing new products, we should not only focus on R&D, but neglect the communication with the model manufacturer. After the preliminary determination of the product design scheme, it has two advantages to contact the manufacturer in advance:
1、 It can ensure that the designed product has a good molding process, and will not be difficult to process and modify the finalized design due to parts.
2、 Mold makers can make design preparation in advance to prevent […]

Injection mold is different from other processing technologies

Injection mold is a technical work and different from other processing technologies. When using injection technology, different materials and injection molding processes should be selected according to different molds. This is the difference of injection mold. There are different regulations on raw materials, characteristics and molds.
1. With the emergence of high-speed forming machinery and equipment, the production of plastic products has accelerated. Because the temperature of the injection mold is usually between 165-300 ° C, the fluidity of some […]

A Brief Talk on the Little Idea of Mold Processing by DJ Molding

Huizhou DJ Molding is a leader in mold processing industry, focusing on mold processing and mold making for many years. We have advanced equipment, unique processing technology, several technicians, strong strength, welcome major customers to consult and rush to buy.
What is the development direction of mold processing?
What are the right ideas?
Do small and medium-sized mold factories need a management system?
What is the automation of mold manufacturing?
Are these problems troubling the bosses and managers of many mold enterprises?
This mold has […]

How is it that the injection mold is easily damaged in the molding stage

Injection mold refers to the processing of a mold through injection molding, but if the process is not well handled, it is easy to damage the materials; And if the injection mold tools are used for a long time without careful maintenance, they are easy to be damaged, which will also cause losses to the company. What are the reasons for the damage?
Then, why is the injection mold damaged? The injection mold known to everyone at the time of […]

What can be done well in mold injection to prevent problems before they occur

Injection mold is a craft, which can be divided into thermosetting and thermoplastic. According to the molding process, it can be divided into six types. Injection molding mainly refers to the production and processing of some materials with complex shapes. It mainly refers to the introduction of melted plastic into the material with an injection molding machine, and finally cooling and molding. However, in this process, some accidents may occur. In order to avoid accidents, we should do the […]

Needless to ask, you certainly can’t see the development trend of injection mold

At present, our industrial applications have involved various fields. As long as each industry is making parts, it can not leave the mold, because the mold can help them to make the desired effect more accurately.
With the rapid development of injection mold industry, a new model based on injection mold manufacturing in the information age. The production efficiency of the injection mold industry has been greatly improved, which has a milestone impact on the manufacturing industry. Due to the […]

Four tasks of injection mold

1、 Process Analysis of Plastic Products
Before the injection mold, there will be a design link. This link is to analyze which materials are used and whether these materials meet the conditions of the injection mold. You need to consult with the designer carefully and reach a consensus analysis. It is necessary to discuss the shape of the product, including a group of dimensional accuracy and appearance requirements, and avoid unnecessary matters in the process of injection molding.
2、 Determination of […]