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Where does the gas generated during injection molding come from? What are the hazards?

Injection mold is a technical work, and exhaust is also a more important problem, because hot gas is easy to be generated during molding and pouring. If it is not discharged from the mold cavity in time, it is easy to affect the quality of the mold. Therefore, exhaust during injection mold is also a more strict work.
1. Source of gas
(1) Air is left in the mold cavity itself;
(2) Some raw materials contain water that has not been removed […]

What is the effect of temperature on injection molding

Many people know that injection molding is a very important step in processing a mold, and temperature is the top priority, because the temperature affects the quality of the mold during injection molding. What will be the impact of this temperature?
So what are the disadvantages of high injection processing temperature? How do we deal with the problem of excessive temperature? Now let’s take a brief look.
1. Thermal deformation of the machine: due to small coordination and operation failure, the […]

Don’t ignore these problems in injection molding

Injection mold is also a processing method, but it is different from other processing methods. It is mainly aimed at some plastic products. However, a few mistakes can easily lead to unqualified finished products. Today, let’s introduce some problems that are easy to be ignored in injection mold processing.
1. Check whether there are signs of wear between the guide column and the guide sleeve after injection molding. If there are signs of scratch, it is caused by lack of […]

Injection mold should consider these three processing technologies

In the process of injection mold processing, the complete professional technology is an indispensable project. It involves transforming plastics into products that maintain the performance of the original system. The important production process design conditions of injection molding are the temperature, pressure and corresponding different effects that affect the plasticization flow and cooling. Here, our analysis can be roughly divided into three aspects: first, temperature and control, second, pressure management and control, and third, forming cycle. There are 3 […]

Several cases of mold deformation

Deformation in the processing of molds and parts is a headache, and it can not be completely avoided. Once a mold or part is deformed in the processing process, there will be losses, and safety problems will be caused. How many cases will the parts or molds be deformed?
1. The internal force changes the machining accuracy of the part. In the machining process, the part is locked by the three claws of the lathe, so that the force on […]

Pay attention to speed and time when machining the mold

On the mold steel with the same surface roughness, the machining speed generated by relative electric pulse during electrode loss is an important factor index to measure the performance of electric pulse machining and machine tool technology products. Generally, in this case, the manufacturer will provide its own processing current to ensure that we can effectively realize the processing speed when the mold is in the processing state. However, in the actual processing design process of life, the processing […]

Exhaust facilities must be set up in the process of injection mold

In the process of injection mold, because the heat is easy to produce hot gas, once there is gas and it is not discharged, it is easy to cause problems in the mold, especially in the rapid prototyping process, once there is excess gas, the mold will bulge, so exhaust is a very important work.
1、 The source of gas in the injection mold.
1. There is air in the casting system and mold cavity.
2. Some enterprise raw materials mainly contain […]

Do you understand the necessity of injection mold trial

Most defects of injection molded products are caused in the plasticization and injection molding stage of injection molded parts, but sometimes they are also related to unreasonable design.
The influencing factors include the type of injection port, the number, position and size of mold cavity, the design of cold / hot runner system and the structure of the product itself. Therefore, in order to avoid product defects caused by mold design, we need to analyze the injection mold during production.
After […]

Mold manufacturing process

Mold manufacturing refers to the processing of forming and parison tools, as well as shear and die-cutting molds. Generally speaking, the die is composed of upper die and lower die. The steel plate is placed between the upper die and the lower die to form the material under the action of the press. When the press is opened, take out the workpiece or corresponding waste determined by the shape of the die. Process planning steps for precision die processing?
Mold […]

What problems need to be solved in the design and manufacturing of injection mold?

What problems need to be solved in the design and manufacturing of injection mold? let me show you.
1. Reasonable structure selection: select appropriate molding methods and equipment according to the drawings and technical requirements, and give the structural scheme of injection mold in combination with the plant capacity. In the process, it can be comprehensively discussed and studied in combination with the opinions of relevant parties.
2. Dimensional standard of injection mold molding parts: the molded parts are extremely important, […]