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Classification of injection mold

All kinds of tools used in our daily production and life, from the body shell to the head screw, button and the shell of all kinds of household appliances, have an inseparable relationship with the mold. The shape of the mold determines the shape of these products. The processing accuracy and quality of the mould also affect the quality of the product. According to the different materials of the product, the mould can be divided into injection mould, forging […]

What will determine the price of injection tooling ?

When customers ask to quote a injection tooling cost for their products, they often  do not understand the price is how to evaluate, and want to know why the tooling cost for big product is higher than small one. Now let’s see what will determine the price of injection tooling ?
JasonMould based on years of quotation experience, sharing the injection mould price is determined by the following factors:

Product structure
Product size
Product surface finish

Product structure is one of the factors affected […]

Quality management can extend the service life of mould

In the production process, the mold will be subject to normal wear. To be sure, quality management control in daily production will play an important role in mold quality assurance, mainly including the following aspects:
1. Effective data management
Including production data, process data and drawing documents: effective management of production data, process data and 2D / 3D drawing documents can ensure complete document library and complete drawing version, so as to realize effective sharing and effective query.
Drawing. In the engineering […]

Bicolor Injection Mold Maintenance

Check loose air holes for rust or moisture

If you find rust or moisture near a hot runner vent, it means internal condensation or a possible water pipe rupture. Moisture can cause a fatal short circuit to the heater. If the machine is shut down at night or on weekends instead of running all year round, the chance of such condensation on an injection mold increases.
You should have measured the resistance of the heater when you first started using it, […]

Insert Molding VS Coating Molding

Injection molding of inserts is similar to other molding methods, but there are some differences in each process. Injection molding involves injecting one or more molten plastics into a mold to form a single finished product.
Coating molding
What is the coating molding? Simply put, the coating process can be plastic, flexible or flexible.
There are physical and chemical methods to realize the coating moulding (including overmolding). The former, for example, relies on snap design, surface tapping threads, and then coated with […]

Sensor injection parts – copper nut and ABS processing

Injection molding process is not static, logical, because of the different products, different materials, different injection molding machine and material preparation and so on the different conditions, injection molding process will produce many uncertain factors, so as the injection molding processing workers, according to specific conditions to the corresponding process optimization adjustment is the highest embodiment of injection molding processing technology. Therefore, the optimization of the processing of copper nut +ABS for injection molded sensor accessories can be carried […]

Draft Angle of Injection Mold

What is the draft angle?
The draft angle is the angle between the side tangential direction of the intersection of the workpiece and the parting surface of the die and the normal direction of the parting surface of the mold.
Why is the draft slope used in injection molds?
Reduce the chance of parts damaged by friction during release
Reduce the chance of wear and damage to injection molds
If necessary, ensure uniform, smooth, scratch-free surface treatment
Ensure other surface finish and texture integrity and uniformity
educe overall cooling […]

Analysis And Solution Of Cracking In Injection Molding

Cracking, including filament cracking, microcracking, whitening, cracking on the surface of parts, as well as cracking and fracture time due to component adhesion, flow path adhesion or traumatic damage. The main reasons are as follows:


(1) Excessive processing pressure, too fast, the more filling materials, injection, holding pressure for too long, will cause excessive internal stress and cracking.
(2) Adjust the speed and pressure of mold opening to prevent the quick and strong drawing parts from causing demoulding cracking.
(3) Adjust the […]

Injection Molding Processing Technology of Two-color Mould

In recent years, with the development and universality of plastic industry. Plastic products are used more and more widely, such as household appliances, instruments, building equipment, automotive industry, daily hardware and many other fields. The proportion of plastic products is increasing rapidly. However, with the increasing trend of plasticization of industrial products and daily products, the strength and accuracy of plastic products are also constantly improving. Therefore, in order to make the mould have better strength and accuracy, it […]

Solution For Sink Mark, Warping In TPE Overmoulding

Most styrene series TPE have a high molded shrinkage that causes the laminated composite to contract more than the substrate (typically PP,ABS,PC,PA, etc.), resulting in bending or warping of the substrate parts. This is especially true for long, thin parts, or parts with a substrate thickness thinner than the coating, or for substrate materials with a lower modulus of elasticity.
This situation can be handled in the following ways:
Selection of TPE materials:

Adopt matrix materials with higher elastic modulus.


Add reinforcing rib […]