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The advantages of spray painting on the surface of plastic parts

The surface of the plastic part can be sprayed to ensure the brightness of the product. Because plastic is so hard to embody, plastic parts look darker, and even darker if they are covered in leather. Therefore, in the pursuit of a beautiful surface, Some customers requires to spray a layer of  painting on the surface of plastic parts. This will ensure the brightness of the product.
Spraying the surface of plastic parts can reduce the scrap rate of parts. […]

How to deal with the weld lines of injection parts?

What is weld lines
Weld lines are the most common defects in injection molded products. Except for a few injection molded parts with very simple geometry, weld lines occur in most injection molded parts (usually with one line or V-shaped groove), especially in large-scale complex products requiring multi gate mold and inserts.
Weld lines not only affect the appearance quality of plastic parts, but also the mechanical properties of plastic parts, such as impact strength, tensile strength, elongation at break, etc. […]

Factors affecting the number of cavities in Plastic Injection Molds

The cavities in Plastic injection mold is not the more the better, also not all molds can be done with 4 cavities or 8 cavities. So what are the factors affecting the numbers? Let’s have a look below:

Relationship between the product size and equipment.

When the part belongs to large or medium size, generally speaking, single cavity is used. On the one hand, it is necessary to consider the fluidity of plastic material filling mold when injection molding, so as […]

To standardize the management of mold factory

(1) Standardized management of product and drawing data
Effective management can ensure the comprehensiveness and consistency of data, and make the data share and query effectively. To prevent problems caused by data inconsistency and drawing non-standard from being found and corrected in time, resulting in rework and maintenance of the mold, increasing the manufacturing cost of the mold, and affecting the delivery time
(2) Establish the company’s own quality inspection mold department, standardize various inspection methods. Get rid of fluke. Strengthen […]

Will the temperature affect the processing of plastic mold?

The temperature of plastic mold is very important for injection molding. If the temperature of the plastic mold is well controlled, the processed products will be good products; if the temperature of the plastic mold is not well controlled, the processed products may be scrap products.
Plastic mold
So, what kind of influence will the temperature of plastic mold have on the processed products?
1. The temperature of the plastic mold will reduce the standard accuracy of the product, which will reduce […]

Forming characteristics of ABS in plastic injection molding

Today, we would like to introduce the forming characteristics of ABS in plastic injection molding.
1.ABS is easy to absorb water, and should be dried before forming. Plastic parts with high surface gloss requirements should be preheated and dried for a long time

Medium liquidity, about 0.04mm overflow edge.


The wall thickness and melting temperature have little effect on shrinkage, and the size of plastic parts has high precision.

4.ABS has low specific heat capacity, high plasticization efficiency and fast solidification, so the […]

Structure Analysis of plastic mold

To analyze the structure of the plastic mold, we first need to know whether the product has the conditions for opening the mold, whether there are factors that affect the mold such as drawing, wall thickness, shrinkage deformation, buckle, etc. , knowing the shrinkage rate and fluidity of the product materials will determine the position of the gate and runner of the mould. After knowing the related information of the materials of the product structure, the next step is […]

How to prevent stripe defects in precision injection molding?

As we all know, the stripe defect in mold is a very serious matter, it will directly affect the accuracy of injection molding, and will also lead to product scrap, so we must pay attention to. So, how can we avoid this defect?
Proper design, careful processing, reasonable mold repair and timely nitriding are the key measures to prevent the occurrence of stripe defects in precision injection molding.
It should be processed in strict accordance with the requirements of the drawing, […]

Discoloration of common problems in plastic injection molding

Discoloration refers to the inconsistency between the surface color of the formed parts and the required color. Discoloration may be caused by a variety of reasons, including injection molding machine, plastic mold, injection process and raw materials.
(1) Injection molding machine
① The equipment is not clean and needs cleaning. Dust or powder deposited in the barrel contaminates and discolors the material;
② Temperature control fault caused by temperature controller or heating system fault;
③ There are obstacles in the barrel, which lead […]

What will be caused when injection mold testing in many times?

The design of the injection mold was not fully collectively reviewed, and the structure of the injection mold was unreasonable, which caused the injection mold to undergo multiple improvements after the test, which made the injection mold cost exceed the budget.
If it can be solved after several improvements, it is relatively fortunate. There are many cases that are unsatisfactory, and even the injection molds have to be scrapped and reworked. This cost cannot be controlled.
There are also cases where […]