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How to reduce the dimensional tolerance of plastic mold factory?

With the increasing requirements of customers, more and more complex products, and higher and higher mold tolerance accuracy requirements, how should plastic mold factories reduce the mold dimensional tolerance?
What are the factors that affect the accuracy of machining? 1. Dimensional accuracy 2. Shape accuracy 3. Position accuracy 4. Processing equipment accuracy 5. Processing technology of technicians
Aircraft interior parts mold
So what should plastic mold factories do to reduce dimensional tolerance?
In order to reduce the mould manufacturing error, the plastic mould […]

What is the function of plastic material and glass fiber in injection molding?

Thermoplastics do have natural mechanical properties, which can give strength, durability, impact resistance and other benefits to plastic molded parts. Adding glass fiber to plastics can further enhance the performance of the resin.
One of the problems that may occur in injection molding of materials with glass fiber is that the brittleness of the parts is increased due to the significant improvement of the strength and rigidity of the parts.
However, if the glass filled plastic parts do not need to […]

Surface finish variation of common workpiece defects in CNC machining and milling

One of the common problems when CNC milling is used in mold machining is the surface finish. There are many reasons for the poor surface quality or change of the workpiece processed by the mold:
The first reason is that the tool is too blunt. A blunt knife will deform the workpiece more. This will result in an increase in the cutting force, and as the deformation accumulates, the cutting edge will go deeper into the part, leaving a small […]

Six key factors affecting the flow path balance of injection mold

The way to measure the filling uniformity of a multi cavity die is called runner balance. Multi cavity mold is not as consistent as single cavity mold, but because multi cavity mold can usually produce parts at a lower cost, it is necessary to ensure that the injection mold is designed as a balanced multi cavity mold. There are six key factors that affect the flow balance.
Mold precision
Runner length: from the material inlet to each cavity, the flow length […]

Raw material purchasing process of plastic mold

In order to maintain stable quality and high production life of plastic mold, the importance of steel quality is self-evident. The quality of steel directly affects the life of plastic mold. Therefore, when selecting plastic mold steel, we need to consider the mold steel suitable for customers’ needs.
In general, if the customer requires a high output of the product, it is necessary to select the steel material with high hardness, otherwise it is easy to wear and the injection […]

How to avoid pollution in injection molding

Contamination during injection molding can cause discoloration, streaks, delamination, and other types of defects in the injection molded part. So in order to form the product quality, the pollution problem must be solved. So how to eliminate pollution?
Start with material storage. If the plastic material is placed in a container that is not completely closed, it is almost certain that the material will be contaminated. There are a lot of dust, dirt, cardboard, wood, metal, grease and other potential […]

Causes and solutions of rust in injection mold

The injection mold is made of tool steel. In the process of injection molding, corrosive gas, water and other substances will cause rust. It will cause rust on the injection mold. The quality problem of the plastic parts produced by the rusty injection mold will arise, so this problem needs to be eliminated.
Mingyang Yutong precision mold
First of all, we need to analyze the reasons for the rust of injection mold?
① Gases from the decomposition of plastic melts
Some raw materials […]

Why is the delivery time of injection mold difficult to control?

There are many factors that are difficult to control in the whole production and manufacturing process of injection mold, among which the delivery problem of injection mold is the more difficult point to control, so what causes the difficult control of the delivery of injection mold?
Mingyang Yutong focuses on precision mold manufacturing for more than ten years
1. Firstly, the customer’s order information has not been finalized, and the contract and design changes frequently.
2. Injection mold is a customized product, […]

What are the ways to reduce the cost of injection molding?

There are two main areas where injection molding costs can be reduced: investment costs (such as mold production) and part costs. Next, we will share how to reduce the cost of injection molding.
1. High efficiency mold design: high efficiency mold design can make parts as easy as possible to produce, package and realize, while Zui greatly reduces errors. This means following the design Zui principles, such as adding a proper draft angle (or taper) to the part to facilitate […]

Silver wire of common problems in injection molding

Silver wire is a silver white stripe formed by low molecular volatiles, water vapor and other gases on the surface of injection molded parts.
1. Raw materials are wet and contain too much water
2. Residual moisture in mold cavity
3. There are residual lubricating oil and mold release agent in the mold cavity.
4. Foreign matters mixed in during batching
5. The wall thickness of plastic parts is uneven. When the molten material flows from the thin wall to the thick wall, it […]