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The injection molding production process

The injection molding process is usually comprised of 6 steps:

The clamping: An injection machine contains 3 parts – the injection mold, the clamp and the injection unit, among which, the clamping unit keeps the mold at a certain pressure, so as to ensure the consistency of the outputs.

A mold is usually made up of 2 parts.

The injection unit: It refers to the part where the plastic pellets are fed into the hopper located at the top end of the […]

Characteristics of Precision Injection Moulding

Precision injection moulding requires high technology and high quality, and requires professional precision moulding equipment to injection moulding. What are the characteristics of precision injection moulding?

(1) The dimension accuracy of the parts is high and the tolerance range is small. That is to say, the dimension deviation of precise plastic parts with high precision dimension limit will be less than 0.03mm, and some even small to micron level. The detection tool depends on the projector.
(2) High repetition accuracy of […]

3 ways to find a good plastic injection mold manufacturer in China

When a new product is designed well, many customers are going to find a plastic injection mold manufacturer for a trial order. At this point, selecting a proper plastic mold manufacturer is very important. As a professional manufacturer who specialize in mold making , here we have some advises for your reference.
(1)Better choice for cooperation in mold manufacturer
Currently, there is a diversity of mold manufacturers available in the China market, including foreign-funded companies, Taiwan invested firms, Hong Kong enterprises, […]

Advantages of Automotive Plastic Parts

Automotive plastic parts are light in weight, and have many colors, beautiful, good weight loss effect, reduce the weight of the body itself. It can be recycled and recycled many times. In automobile recycling, most of the metal products do not have recycling value, because they are too old and rusty. Plastic products, because of its regeneration characteristics, can basically be melted after secondary processing, and will not produce any harm.

Advantages of automotive plastic parts:
Plastic products have the advantages […]

Design Flow of Plastic Mould

The structure of plastic parts is ever-changing, but not every plastic part can be opened smoothly, so it is most important to analyze the product data reasonably before opening, which can avoid a lot of trouble.

First, at the beginning, we must define the design requirements of plastic parts. We should consider the feasibility and economy of injection moulding process from the aspects of plastic varieties, shape, dimension accuracy and surface roughness of products. When necessary, we should carefully discuss […]

Reasons and Solutions for Shrinkage Rate of Injection Mold

Shrinkage rate of injection mold is always an important part in the development of injection mold. This ring has a tremendous impact on the size of the plastic. After the structure of the die is determined, all parts of the die can be designed in detail, that is, the size of the template and parts, the size of the cavity and core, etc. At this time, the main design parameters such as shrinkage of materials will be involved. Therefore, […]

Why Plastic Material need baked Before Injection Moulding?

In the process of injection moulding, the moisture content of material should be within a relatively low range to ensure the normal injection moulding and the normal physical properties of product materials. The water content of injection material is too high. First, there will be bad appearance of silver wire on the surface. Secondly, water vapor in the material will cause bubble holes in the product, which will affect the strength. Thirdly, if the moisture content is high, the […]

Why It Is Expensive to Customize A Set of Plastic Injection Moulds?

Plastic injection moulding is an efficient and mass production method, which can realize one-time moulding of plastic products with complex shapes. In the mould industry, in order to produce injection moulds with high precision, high quality and complex surface, we must use advanced computer aided design and manufacturing software to compile reasonable processing procedures, which is the necessary process to ensure the processing quality.

In addition to the above reasons, the reasons for the higher price of injection moulds are […]

Do You Know The Six Categories of Plastic Moulds?

Plastic moulds, which are matched with plastic moulding machines in plastic processing industry, give plastic products complete configuration and accurate size tools. According to the different forming methods, it can be divided into different types of moulds.
mold making

Injection Mould

It is mainly a kind of mould which is widely used in the production of thermoplastic parts. The corresponding processing equipment of injection moulds is injection moulding machine. Plastics are heated and melted in the heating barrel of the bottom of […]

How to Do a Good Job of Injection Molding Process?

The process of injection molding mainly includes four stages: filling, holding, cooling and demolding. These four stages directly determine the quality of the product. It is a complete continuous process. Injection parameters
Injection parameters

Injection pressure

Injection pressure is provided by the hydraulic system of the injection system. There are many factors affecting the filling pressure of melt, which can be summarized into three categories: (1) material factors, such as the type and viscosity of plastics; (2) structural factors, such as the […]