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Analysis and solution to the causes of bubbles and voids in TPE injection molded products

TPE bubbles and voids mostly refer to the voids generated inside the thick wall of the molded part. The outer casing of the molded part is condensed and solidified by injection molding, and the amount of the melt is insufficient relative to the entire part, thereby generating vacuum holes, which generally occur. In places where the product is thick and at the sprue. It is called a bubble or a void. Generally speaking, if a bubble is found at the moment […]

China custom plastic injection molding maker supplier with rapid prototyping service for 3D printing and additive manufacturing

Plastic injection molding has been considered in various industries today.
Plastic injection molding is a very required method in the manufacturing industries, since it allows all those involved to request various products without worrying about their size, shape or quantity of use, this is because there are companies like JasonMould that only They offer pieces of the best quality to the market.

This type of manufacturing has managed to greatly boost those who are dedicated to 3D printing.
Thanks to this procedure, […]