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Why the venting is so important for a plastic injection mold?

The venting slot serves two purposes: 1. Expel air from the plastic injection mold during the injection process of the molten plastic material; 2. Get rid of the various gases produced during injection molding processing. The setup of venting slots is of great importance, especially for thin-walled products or the locations far away from the gate. In addition, close attention should also be paid to venting slots for the production of small-size or precision parts, because they are able […]

How to deal with side dents in injection moulds

Usually, the surface of plastic products obtained by this injection moulding method has good gloss and beautiful color, but in the actual injection moulding production process, many products produced by injection moulding factories have relatively large defects in color and gloss. Besides the hard factors such as plastic raw materials, colorants and the surface gloss of the mould, what other reasons will be created? What happened?

(1) The surface of the mould cavity is rusty, and the exhaust of the […]

The reason and solution for surface roughness

Surface roughness means there is a lack of precision in the surface of a molded part, or an inconsistent level of precision all over the surface, e.g. some areas are glossier than the rest. The main reasons for surface roughness might lie in the injection molding machine, the mold, the process or the material.
(1)Injection Molding Machine
①Insufficient material supply;
②Material barrel is not thoroughly cleaned when changing material;
③Check for cold melt leakage at the nozzle;
①The gate is too small, or the runner […]

Key Links in Plastic Parts Processing

In addition to polymers, different plastic additives (such as stabilizers, plasticizers, colorants, lubricants and fillers) are usually added to the raw materials used in the processing of plastic parts in order to improve the moulding process and product performance or save the cost of products. Additives and polymers are mixed and evenly dispersed into powder, also known as dry mixtures. Sometimes the powder still needs to be processed into granules. This kind of powder and granular material is collectively […]

Requirements and precautions of Injection mold

Due to the high precision of manufacturing and processing precision of injection molds, the production and processing technology is also complicated. Therefore, the processing and production costs of plastic injection molds are generally high.
The selection of materials for injection mold manufacturing must meet the following requirements:
1. The injection mold steel should have good processing performance. When working in high temperature environment and heat treatment, the deformation should be small.
2. The working surface of the melt channel in the cavity […]

Introduce the test procedure of injection mould processing

In order to reduce the waste of time in mass production, it is necessary to adjust and control the processing conditions in time, find out the suitable temperature and pressure conditions, and formulate a standard test procedure for injection mould processing, which can be used to establish daily working methods.

Check whether the plastic material in the barrel is correct or not, and whether it is baked according to the regulations.


The cleaning of material pipes should be careful so as […]

Mold Manufacturer in China Take Up More Than Half Of Global Mold Business

Once the consulting service provider KPMG conducted a study which showed that with a total sales revenue of 5.7 billion USD in 2002, China had already overtaken Germany and the US to become the biggest machine tool maker in the whole world, making it a viable base for mold sourcing and manufacturing thanks to its skilled labor force and the relatively low cost level.
The study which is entitled China Machine Tools Market, aims to get a deeper insight into […]

What kinds of engineering plastics are used in automobile plastic parts?

Nylon Material (PA)

Nylon is mainly used in automotive engines and engine peripheral components, the main varieties are GFPA6, GFPA66, enhanced flame retardant PA6 and other products.

Application in automobile engine peripheral parts: Because the engine peripheral parts are mainly heating and vibration parts, most of the materials used in the components are glass fiber reinforced nylon. This is because nylon has good comprehensive properties. The main properties of nylon modified with glass fiber have been greatly improved, such as strength, […]

Common failure of injection mold

1.1 Mold reset plate is not reset
After the mold is opened, the mold reset plate is not reset. The causes are: reset oil cylinder oil leakage, resulting in uneven force when the mold is reset. The mold reset is unbalanced.
The reset rod of the mold is strained, the cooperation between the reset rod and the guide sleeve is tightened, and the reset plate is not topped.
Solution: Check if the oil seal of the mold reset cylinder is worn out. If […]

Analysis of the Reasons for the Defects in the Processing of Plastic Parts

The reasons for the shortcomings in the processing of plastic parts are as follows:

Injection material. Material has impurities or supplies from different suppliers, different batches from the same manufacturer, and different batches of material processing technology is different.


Injection Moulding Machine. Check the function of each part of the injection molding machine is normal, and consider the influence of temperature, pressure, time and other reasons, control and adjust the injection molding machine.


Mold. Mould device should be appropriate, temperature should be […]