Ten Reasons for Poor Machining Accuracy of Precision Parts

As everyone in the industry knows, the reason why precision parts processing is called precision processing is that its processing procedures and requirements are high, and the requirements for parts’ quality are high. The precision of precision parts includes position precision, dimension precision, shape precision, etc. Now, Projuni will tell you about the reasons that affect the precision of precision parts processing.

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(1) When the main rotation axis of the machining machine tool rotates, some errors will also occur to the parts, resulting in insufficient accuracy;

(2) The inaccuracy of the guide rail components of the machining machine tool can also affect the machining accuracy of the parts;

(3) Driving parts will also produce errors in the process of workpiece processing, which is also the most important factor affecting the workpiece surface error;

(4) Different types of tools and fixtures have different degrees of influence on the accuracy of the workpiece;

(5) In the process of machining and cutting, the position of the force point changes, which may lead to system deformation, which may lead to differences, and may also lead to varying degrees of error in workpiece accuracy;

(6) Different cutting forces will also affect the accuracy of the workpiece;

(7) Error caused by thermal deformation of process system;

(8) The machining system is deformed due to heat, which often affects the accuracy of the workpiece;

(9) Machine tool deformation caused by heat will cause workpiece deformation;

(10) During processing, materials will be affected by thermal deformation, which will affect the accuracy of materials.



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