The choice of mold materials for Texture is very different

In order to achieve a better appearance effect of the product, the profile will be sun textured during mold processing. As we mentioned earlier, in some application scenarios of sun shading process, different mold materials also have very different effects on sun shading.


Generally, injection mold factories mostly choose NAK80 SKD61 8407 S136 and other profiles. The reason for choosing these profiles is that their processing effect will be better.


Dj Mold reminds you that the inclination of different sun lines of molds is also different:

1. NAK80 36 – 38 degrees within 100000 mold times

NAK80: the effect of flower biting is good, and the flower can be bitten successfully at one time; However, it is easy to rust and damage the lines. Generally, it is maintained for 30000 mold times. Special attention should be paid to maintenance and mass production.


2. 100000-500000 module times SKD61 48-50 degrees

SKD61: the biting effect is worse than NAK80, but the biting pattern has a long service life; Poor acid resistance, must refer to the physical properties of plastic raw materials, and can bite flowers successfully twice; The material is easy to cause biting cloth patterns (stripes), which is related to the step-by-step structure of the material. The two-color injection mold factory will treat it with special liquid medicine before biting, so that its injection molding capacity can reach 100000 mold times!


3. 500000-1000000 module times 8407 or S136 50-52 degrees

8407: the effect of flower biting is good. The service life of mold flower biting can generally reach 200000 mold times. The hardness of mold is high, and flower biting can be successful twice.

S136: the effect of flower biting is poor, and it generally takes 3-5 times to process successfully; Good acid resistance, slow biting and damage, can be used 200000 times.



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