The material performance is very important in the process of injection mold processing

In the process of injection mold processing products, material plays a particularly important role in the appearance and performance of product molding, so choosing the right material is very important for the product. Let’s introduce PA6 material today.

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PA6 material is widely used in structural parts and has good wear resistance. Because of its low melting point, the process temperature range is very wide. Its impact resistance, solubility resistance and hygroscopicity are better than PA66.

Under the injection molding process conditions, PA6 needs to be dried, so special attention should be paid to the drying before processing. If the material is suitable for waterproof products, it is necessary to keep closed management. If the humidity is higher than 0.2%, it is recommended to dry above 80 ℃ for 16h. If the material has been exposed to air for more than 8h, vacuum drying at 105 ℃ for more than 8h is recommended.

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In the production of PA6 materials, attention should be paid to the mold temperature of injection mold processing: because the mold temperature can obviously affect the crystallinity, which in turn affects the characteristics of the product, the crystallinity is very important for structural parts, so it is recommended that the mold temperature be 80 ~ 90 ℃. For thin-walled products with long process, higher die temperature is recommended. Increasing the mold temperature can improve the strength of the product, but it will reduce the toughness. If the wall thickness is greater than 3mm, it is recommended to use 20 ~ 40 ℃ low temperature die. For glass fiber reinforced materials, the mold temperature should be higher than 80 ℃.

Injection mold_ Gate treatment

Injection mold processing mold runner and gate: because PA6 solidification time is very short, so the gate position is very important. The gate diameter should not be less than 0.5T. If hot runner is used, the gate size should be smaller than that of conventional runner, because hot runner can help prevent premature solidification of material. If submerged gate is used, the minimum diameter of gate should be 0.75mm.

From the above point of view, the injection mold processing products, each material has different characteristics, we combine all aspects of the conditions in the injection molding process to produce, in order to produce products that meet the requirements. If you want to know more about technology, you can log in to the official website ofJasonMould. There are detailed technical encyclopedias for your reference. We are looking forward to your visit!


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