The most common methods and processes of plastic mold development and design

Common processing tools and machines for plastic mold development, design and processing

1) Measuring tools: caliper, micrometer, dial indicator, standard gauge block, standard angle block, rotary table, angle gauge, projector, reading machine, etc;

2. Processing machines and equipment: gong machine, lathe, grinder, drilling machine, CNC (computer gong), spark machine, wire cutting machine, etc.

3) Processing method and technology

Generally, the mold is ordered directly from the mold factory, and the processing method is omitted here. According to the processing design drawing of precision injection mold, the steel materials such as mold embryo, mold kernel, row position, inclined top and insert can be ordered back to start the processing of precision injection mold. According to the processing technology, it is roughly divided into precision injection mold processing rough processing and precision injection mold processing finish processing. Mold embryo frame opening: the rough frame is opened first by the gong bed or computer gong, and then the fine frame is opened (it can also be processed by the mold embryo factory, but the corresponding fee shall be paid; some small mold rooms often process themselves in order to save cost, but the efficiency is low and the accuracy is not high). Other parts are also the parts that are developed and designed to be rough processed into the rough embryo first, and then refined by the computer gong, cremator and wire cutting machine to meet the accuracy requirements of the drawing, Finally, it is assembled into the mold embryo to form a complete set of molds. The process is roughly as follows: CNC processing of mold embryo frame opening, mold kernel and row position, copper male processing, lighter machining, cavity (EMD), fitter processing (fit mold), polishing (mold saving), mold installation and mold test.

In the actual manufacturing, several plastic mold development, design and processing processes are intertwined, which requires the plastic mold development and design personnel and the mold master to arrange all links. If one step goes wrong, all the pots will be negative! Rework often causes damage to the mold, so the precision injection mold processing is not beautiful. If you want to remedy it well, you can only refuel, which will increase the time and cost, and time is very important in many cases. Now the competition in the precision injection mold processing industry is very fierce. Customers are in a hurry to give the mold room. If they can’t hand over the mold on time, they will eventually lose customers!

Function introduction of each processing machinery and equipment:

1. Gong machine is used for manual milling and cutting workpieces with simple and regular shape, such as straight line and oblique line; It is often used to process workpieces with low precision, such as mold embryo frame opening, mold kernel, row position cutting, etc.

2. Lathe is mainly used for processing circular workpieces, such as pump nozzle, locating ring, flange, circular core, circular copper male, etc; The accuracy can meet higher requirements.

3. Grinding machine is mainly used for steel material leveling, grinding datum, etc., which can meet most accuracy requirements.

4. Drilling machine is mainly used for drilling empty holes, tapping teeth, drilling and transporting water holes, etc.



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