The principle of product design in which overmolding factory is responsible to customers

The products of overmolding  factory, in line with the principle of responsibility to customers, have passed many experiments to verify the material and structure design of the products before they are delivered to the customers. So, what principles do we all follow for these products that are in close contact with the skin of the human body?

Reasonable design is to ensure the necessary function of the product, so that the overall cost of the finished products tends to a reasonable range. Next, let the product design engineer of Dj Mold, the plastic packaging processing plant, analyze it in detail.

Products of overmolding processing plant

The main principles are as follows:

1、 It is necessary to meet the customer’s requirements for product functions and services. What we provide to customers is not only the product functions, but also good after-sales services that support these functions. Therefore, in the design process, we should not only aim at the different functional characteristics of the product, but also make the product have good maintenance convenience.

2、 It is in line with domestic industrial development policies and relevant laws and regulations.

Design drawing of overmolding factory

3、 Adhere to the principles of standardization, generalization and systematization.

4、 It meets the requirements of the society for environmental protection.

5、 It is in line with the law of technological innovation and attaches importance to the protection of intellectual property rights.

6、 From the actual process level and production capacity of the enterprise, the design is combined with the process and production. Product design is not only graphic design, but also process design and production design. The production design should be mainly studied from the following points:

1. simplify the function or shape of parts, which is the minimalist style of our recent life.

2. to realize standardization, generalization and serialization of products as far as possible;

3. make the material brand, variety and specification specified in the design drawing consistent with the use of existing materials as far as possible;

4. the process of sample and the process of mass production shall be considered comprehensively;

5. judge the rationality of process design according to the processing technology, operation rules and relevant information adopted by the normal production of the enterprise;

Design of overmolding factory

6. select mature processing technology to ensure the dimensional tolerance and surface roughness of the product.

It is because of the above principles that overmolding factory, Dj Mold, can successfully pass ISO9001 certification and iatf16949 audit, so that more customers can be satisfied with the products. To learn more about Dj Mold, you can log in to the official website of Dj Mold. There are many design knowledge available for your reference and look forward to your visit!


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